Indoor Air Quality Management

Hartwick College is committed to providing an environment that is free of recognized hazards. The safety, health, and well-being of every resident is a matter of utmost priority for the environmental, occupational health and safety department.


Moisture Control: Preventing Mold

While we immediately investigate all mold and moisture problems, students are responsible for cleaning their residence hall room. The following tips will help reduce moisture and mold growth:

  • Hang damp or wet towels, bath mats and any wet clothing to allow for thorough drying.
  • Clean any spills immediately and thoroughly.
  • Empty trash regularly.
  • Avoid opening window during air-cooling season.
  • Vacuum carpet/rugs regularly.
  • Avoid blocking or placing anything in front of or on top of your air-cooling unit.
  • Avoid leaving wet clothes on the floor, including workout clothes and towels.
  • Clean bathroom and kitchen weekly and report any drainage, or other moisture issues.
  • Report any signs of moisture damage as soon as possible for immediate remedy.
  • Dispose of used food containers and food scraps regularly to prevent mold growth.
  • Keep refrigerator doors tightly closed. Failure to secure refrigerator doors may result in defrosting of the freezer and cause leak
  • When defrosting refrigerators, take steps to prevent water from getting onto carpeting, rugs or floor.

Air Quality Questionnaire

Complete the Air Quality Questionnaire to help our investigation of indoor air quality issues.

Air Quality Questionnaire


Contact Osa Mede, Occupational Health and Safety Manager,, for more information.