Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Chemical Hygiene

Hartwick College is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our students, employees, and visitors to our campus. To ensure the safety of all, as much as any organization can, the College has developed policies and procedures to guide us. In addition, the College wishes to be a good neighbor in the Oneonta community.

Community Responsibility & Resources

All members of the College community have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment; this responsibility extends to employees in the workplace and students in their residential activities.

Shipping & Receiving Hazardous Materials

Before Accepting Any Package:

  1. Identify what you are handling: Every package handler must be familiar with the universally recognized diamond shaped labels of nine DOT hazard classes that identify potential hazards on package and convey some inherent characteristics. Additionally, every hazardous package must include a bill of lading (BoL) that will identify the chemical, the package weight and provide any special handling instructions.
  2. Inspect the package: Evidence of packaging issues like leaks are usually observable on the exterior surfaces of packages. Sometimes, because liquids are often packed into plastic bags, leaks are not visible but sensed by a passing odor. DO NOT ACCEPT a compromised package. Damaged, wet or leaking packages are the responsibility of the transporter.
  3. Handle packages with care: Use mechanical devices (cart, dolly) where necessary.
  4. Store Package appropriately: Store all materials upright with label facing outwards, away from pedestrian paths. The package should always be under the control of authorized individuals.

Whom to Contact

Osamede Evbuomwan

Occupational Health & Safety Manager

Scott Harrington

College Facilities Liaison/Administrative Specialist Financial Services

Donald DePass

Director of Campus Safety