Purchasing Services


Purchase requisitions are converted to purchase orders and orders placed with vendors by the Administrative Assistant for Finance. From Requisitions approved orders will be printed on Purchase Order forms. Purchase Orders will either be transmitted to the vendor verbally, in person, via fax, or via email.

Any orders placed outside established procedures will be deemed personal, that is: between the individual and the vendor. Unless ratified by the College, payment of any resultant invoice will be the responsibility of the individual. It should be noted that the College receives discounts not available to individuals acting on their own accord.


Finance Office
Phone: 607-431-4344
Fax: 607-431-4108
Email: purchasing@hartwick.edu

Faculty and staff who need to order business cards should complete the form below. Please carefully review your order before submitting. Your order will be processed by the Office of Financial Services, exactly as submitted. Orders may take up to one month to be delivered, due to processing and mailing time.

Please note: You do not need to complete all phone/fax fields. Any information provided in this form will appear on your business cards. However, your order must include your 14-digit office account number for processing.

A proof of your order will be sent to you directly from the printer. Your order will not be printed until you approve the proof and communicate your approval directly to the printing vendor.

Estimated costs range between $40-100 depending on quantity.

Business Card Order

Faculty and staff who wish to order name tags should complete the form below. Your order will be processed by the Office of Financial Services. Please be sure to place your order well in advance of when you will need the tag. Orders may take up to one month to be delivered, due to processing and mailing time.

Your order will be processed exactly as submitted, including abbreviations, so please double-check each field for accuracy. Your information will be cut off if it exceeds the allotted space.

Hartwick name badges are 3” x 1.5”, have a white background, blue lettering, and magnetic backing. Name badges cost $8 each.

If you require an additional line (for a long name or title), please email the Office of Financial Services at purchasing@hartwick.edu. $1 will be added to the cost of the tag for an extra line.

A proof of your order will be sent to you directly from the printer. Your order will not be printed until you approve the proof and communicate your approval directly to the printing vendor.

-The first line, HARTWICK COLLEGE, is standard.
-The second line is for your name.
-The third line is for your title or department.

Name Tag Order


All advertising, regardless of cost, requires prior approval and purchase order before submission to any newspaper, periodical or on-line. A requisition must be submitted, along with a copy of the advertisement All help-wanted ads must have prior approval of the Human Resources Office.

The College has a “corporate” account with Amazon.com. The preferred method for ordering Amazon.com books is to submit a requisition form to Financial Services. By ordering through the Financial Services office, we are not charged tax and there is no need for individuals to request a reimbursement. Any orders not meeting the threshold for free shipping may be combined with another department’s order if this can be done without any delay. Please specify if only new books are desired, or if you would consider good, used copies.

When communicating with a vendor, the “bill to” address is always (an invoice should not be sent to any other address):

Financial Services
Hartwick College
PO Box 4020
Oneonta, NY 13820

It is essential to assure proper and timely payment of invoices that they come directly to Financial Services. If you receive a vendor invoice in error, please send it to Financial Services as soon as possible.

The Hartwick College Barnes & Noble Bookstore consists of a textbook store and a retail store on the third floor of Dewar Union. Departments can make appropriate purchases within policy and have their department charged for the purchase.

Buses are arranged through Wade Tours. After obtaining a quote from Wade Tours, submit it with a requisition to purchasing for processing.

For short bus trips in the area, it may be more cost effective to arrange buses through Birnie Bus Service, Inc. Their phone number is 607-432-4705. Submit such requests on a requisition to purchasing for processing.

Material requisitions are required for car rentals. For local and regional travel requiring a car rental, contact Hertz Rent-A-Car at 607-433-8755 if you need to rent a car for College business. If they are unable to accommodate your needs, you should contact one of the other car rental agencies in the area before submitting a requisition to purchasing.

Only pre-approved drivers may use College owned, rented or leased vehicles.  See Hartwick College Vehicle Use Policy for guidelines.

ARAMARK has an exclusive right to provide dining and catering services on the Hartwick campus.

All requests for phones should be directed to the Telecom Office, ext. 4174.

Hartwick College Instructions for Insurance:

Hartwick College requires proof of insurance coverage from businesses that work for us or use campus facilities. The College should be added as an “additional insured” on the vendor’s insurance for effective dates.

Hartwick College’s minimum requirements for insurance from contractors and vendors performing work on campus are listed below. Contractors are required to provide the College with a certificate of insurance that will be in effect throughout the duration of the project, unless specified otherwise. Contractors are responsible for subcontractors meeting the same minimum requirements, and providing evidence of such subcontractor coverage at the College’s request.


Workers Compensation: New York State statutory limits

General Liability (includes premises-operation, independent contractors’ protection, products and completed operations, broad form property damage):

  • Bodily Injury: $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Property Damage: $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate
    Products and completed operations insurance shall be maintained for a minimum period of 3 years after final payment and the Contractor shall continue to provide evidence of such coverage to the College on an annual basis during the aforementioned period.
    Property damage liability insurance shall include coverage for explosion, collapse, and underground hazards.

Contractual Liability / Hold Harmless coverage:

  • Bodily injury: $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Property Damage: $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Personal Injury Insurance (with employment exclusion deleted, if applicable): $1,000,000 aggregate
  • If the General Liability policy includes a General Aggregate, such General Aggregate shall not be less than $2,000,000

Umbrella Excess Liability: $5,000,000 over primary insurance

Automobile Liability (owned, non-owned, and hired): Combined single limit $1,000,000 per occurrence

Aircraft Liability (owned and not owned): Bodily Injury: $1,000,000 each person/ $2,000,000 each accident

Watercraft Liability (owned and not owned):

  • Bodily Injury: $1,000,000 each person / $2,000,000 each accident

State Disability Benefits: State statutory limits

Property Insurance
The Contractor shall provide insurance coverage for portions of the work stored off-site, in transit, and stored on the site but not incorporated into the work at the full replacement cost without voluntary deductible.

Appropriate documentation and certification of current, applicable insurance coverage must be provided to Hartwick College, 1 Hartwick Drive, Oneonta NY 13820 prior to commencement of work under the contract or agreement. Contractors performing facilities related work, unless otherwise specified, should submit documentation to Facilities Services. All other vendors and service contractors should submit documentation to Risk Management.

All needs for computer hardware should be routed to the Technology Resource Center so that equipment meeting the campus standards will be purchased. The TRC will process a requisition and send it to purchasing on behalf of the requestor. The Technology Resource Center will also assist departments and offices with the purchase of computer software.

When attendance at a conference or seminar is required, the attendee may submit requisitions to purchasing for the conference registration fee, travel agency for airfare, and hotel. Alternatively, one may elect (with prior approval from department head or vice president) to submit receipts, with a check request form, for reimbursement upon return to campus.

A contract is a legally binding promise, usually involving an exchange of goods or services for money.

The authority to execute College contracts is vested with the College President, however the President has delegated authority to execute College contracts if the term is less than one year to the Vice President for Finance if they are less $10,000 and to the other Vice Presidents if they are less than $2,500.

No one else is authorized to sign purchasing contracts or agreements on behalf of Hartwick College. Such contracts requiring a signature on behalf of the College should be routed to the appropriate vice president.

The College is in the process of reviewing our copier needs and is currently only renewing copier leases on a month to month basis.

For copy paper, please order reams directly from OfficeDepot or call the Copy/Mail Center in Clark Hall at ext. 4522 to arrange for delivery of cartons of copy paper to your campus location.

You may contact the Telecom Department if a new fax machine is needed. The Telecom Department has identified a campus standard and will process a requisition, charging your account, on your behalf.

Should your fax machine need repairs, please call Telecom and someone will trouble shoot it. If more extensive repairs are required, an outside vendor will be called in at your department’s expense.

ARAMARK has an exclusive right to provide dining and catering services on the Hartwick campus. Groupsand events funded through the student activity fee may use outside caterers for events. It is highly recommended that these groups check with Aramark Dining for comparison of costs and services provided. If an outside caterer is used, there will be a charge for setup and clean up if requested. Outside caterers must provide a certificate of insurance as evidence of liability insurance coverage.

A purchase requisition should be used to reserve and pay for reservations when official College guests need local lodging at College expense. Indicate all the pertinent information on a Requisition Form and bring/send it to Financial Services. The Administrative Assistant for Finance will make the reservation and will e-mail the reservation confirmation number to the campus host.

The College has special rates (tax exempt) with local hotels which are forfeited if employees make their own reservations outside established procedure.

To start or renew a magazine or newspaper subscription or a membership, submit a completed materials requisition form to Financial Services.

Hartwick purchases office supplies on-line from OfficeDepot . Requests for a sign-on to this system should be routed to the Administrative Assistant for Finance.

We receive free, next-day desktop delivery by UPS of in-stock items from OfficeDepot.

At this time, the on-line requisition feature in Self-Service is being rolled out. If you do not yet have access, please contact Jacinda Hotaling in the Office of Finance at hotalingj@hartwick.edu to request access.

Each Vice President has set his/her dollar amounts for which their signature is required before submitting requisitions to purchasing. Please consult with your VP for this amount. This threshold is the same for paper requisitions and electronic requisitions.

When acting in an authorized manner, individuals may seek quotes and bids from vendors but lack the authority to actually place an order on behalf of Hartwick College. Quotes or bids should accompany the Requisition Form submitted to Purchasing.

All requests, requisitions, and purchase orders for purchase or disposal of radioactive materials must be processed through the Radiation Safety Office, located in Johnstone Science Center.

A purchase order is to be obtained prior to any commitment for repairs on equipment. You should first obtain an estimate from the vendor (in many cases an authorized dealer), then attach it to the requisition sent to Financial Services.

Obtaining a quote from or buying from a sole source is permitted only when the goods or services are only available from a single supplier. All other situation for any substantial purchase, bids or quotes from at least 3 vendors is preferred.

Examples of circumstances necessitating use of a sole source are: compatibility of equipment, accessories or replacement parts

When submitting a requisition to Financial Services, include written documentation from the vendor confirming it is the sole supplier of the goods or services you want to buy.

Wal-Mart tax exempt cards may be obtained from Financial Services.

For bottled water and water coolers, our vendor is Water Bottle, LLC.