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Health: A Lifelong Journey

By Karen McGrath, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Experience

Healthy students are stronger students!

Healthy students learn better, miss fewer classes, and graduate at higher rates than unhealthy students. Hartwick’s Wellness & Health Program staff and Student & Community Engagement staff are committed to providing programming that serves to be a springboard for students’ well-being and good health that will last across their lifespan, creating healthy, productive alumni.

Our programming team considers recent health and wellness data from the American College Health Association National Health Assessment to guide our programs. The most recent national information from 2019 shows that within the last 12 months, students reported the following factors affecting their individual academic performance:

  • Anxiety: 26.2%
  • Sleep difficulties: 22.2 %
  • Stress: 33.7 %
  • Depression: 17.3 %

(Note: individual academic performance is defined as: received a lower grade on an exam, or an important project; received a lower grade in the course; received an incomplete or dropped the course.)

With this national data as our guide, we started 2020 programming with an emphasis on teaching wellness initiatives across campus using the concept of the Wellness Wheel. Wellness is most easily understood in this context, balancing the wheel. If any of the six important spokes is out of balance, it can make for a bumpy ride.

J Term and spring semester programming is centered on refocusing and reconnecting, collaboration and individualized experiences that enhance all elements of the wellness wheel. Through napping yoga, DIY aromatherapy scrubs, food mood, ice skating, oxygen stations, goal setting, and countless other programs, the programming team is continually providing opportunities for students to strengthen their overall health, strength, and personal success.

With our campuswide commitment to the Wick Wellness Wheel our students get stronger every day and help to create a vibrant campus community that continues to educate students and alumni to understand that health is a lifelong journey.


Knowing that peer-to-peer programming is an effective way to deliver health and wellness education that supports student success, Hartwick launched its Peer Health Educators Program 18 months ago. Staff and students have collaborated to design and implement educational programs and create access to wellness resources and healthcare services. The Peer Health Educators have held campus-wide outreach on Wellness for WICK 101, Hazing Prevention, Homesickness, Healthy Coping Skills, Suicide Awareness & Prevention, Relax and Refresh (de-stress), Alcohol Awareness, Healthy Sex and Sexuality, Safe Rides Home, Flu Education, Depression screening and information, and much more. Everyone benefits when these young leaders in health education are deployed to go into the residence halls, coordinate with student organizations and Greek life, and otherwise provide a more comprehensive health education presentation for their peers.

Read more about Hartwick’s Student-to-Student Fifty-Fifty Counselors.

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