Hartwick Connectors – Speakers Series

Demonstrating the many outcomes possible with a Hartwick degree, alumni and parents share their paths and perspectives.

The insights of accomplished practitioners enrich students’education in powerful ways. That’s why fundraising for a Speakers Series is a priority in Hartwick225: Students First.

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In Support of Hartwick, We Turned the Campus Blue!

By Paula Lee Hobson, vice president for college advancement

As a newcomer to Hartwick, I am struck by how our alumni and donor community personifies the definition of True Blue: “unwavering in one’s commitment; extremely loyal.”

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Paying it Forward

What began as an introduction ended with a hug.

President Drugovich P’12 and Beth Steele P’12 made an instant connection with Cameron Conrad ’20, the current recipient of their endowed scholarship.

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Major Investment in Wick Nurses

Hartwick College—and students in its most popular academic program—just received a vote of confidence.

The Hearst Foundations of New York City and San Francisco have awarded $125,000 in partial tuition scholarships for nursing students over the next three years.

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