Psychology Department

Hartwick College student discussing her research during Student Showcase

Psychology Overview

Psychology majors choose to work on some of the most exciting, yet challenging, problems: understanding human behavior and understanding the human mind. As a psychology major, you will discover how the tools of the scientific method can help you tackle the greatest puzzles of understanding, predicting, and modifying behavior. Hartwick’s rigorous psychology program emphasizes the scientific method and empirical approach in its study of human behavior and mental processes. Students who major in psychology acquire knowledge of major theoretical frameworks and hone research skills in observation, experimental design, data analysis, and scientific report writing.

Please note: Hartwick College focuses on offering fall, January, and spring term undergraduate courses in person, however circumstances may require us to offer a small number of courses in this department through distance education. In times of emergency, following regulatory guidelines, all classes may temporarily need to be delivered through distance education, including online. We also offer a slate of courses online in the summer to help our students make progress towards their degrees. With support from an academic advisor, students needing particular courses may have other online options as well. If you have questions about the way courses are delivered in your program, please contact your Department or Program Chair.

Exciting Student Outcomes

Hartwick psychology students complete research and internships and are well-prepared for employment or graduate school.


Human Resource Department
De Vincentis & Son Construction
Cheyanne Wyble ’21

Friends of Recovery – Delaware/Otsego
Jennifer Darasz ’20

Graduate School

Psy.D. Program in Clinical Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology
Hannah Storm ’16

MSW Program, The Ohio State University
Kelsey Wegener ’16


Human Resources Specialist
New York Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Edmeston, N.Y.
Gwen Bennis ’16

Patient Care Technician
Ellis Medicine, Schenectady, N.Y.
Nicole LaFay ’16


Review all the requirements in the College Catalog.

The Department of Psychology provides students with a Course Sequencing Worksheet to track their progress through a major course of study.

Grades for all courses taken in psychology are used to calculate the average in the major and the average for Departmental Distinction. Students will be awarded Departmental Distinction if they have met all of the following requirements: overall GPA of at least 3.0, psychology GPA of at least 3.5, at least an A- in PSYC 488 or 490, and a public presentation of research.


Consider a minor in cognitive science.

Review all the interdisciplinary minor requirements in the College Catalog.

Hartwick Psychology offers a systematic approach starting with the introductory sequence, the fundamental skills sequence, upper level core courses, advanced research courses, and the capstone experience.

Review the current course offerings in the College Catalog.

Special Opportunities

Hartwick Psychology students have the opportunity to conduct research, explore the world, and foster continued scholarship in each other.


Meet Our Faculty

Justin Wellman

Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology Department

Lisa Onorato

Professor of Psychology

William Kowalczyk

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Heidi Rivera

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Erin M. Kenney

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


Contact Dr. Justin Wellman, Associate Professor & Department Chair