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Interested in better understanding world cultures? See yourself digging up artifacts on an archeological site? Want to understand where biology and customs intersect? Major in Anthropology at Hartwick and you’ll have these opportunities and more, working alongside professors and mentors who want to help you make your impact on the world.

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Many Career Paths

Hartwick College Archeology Field School Dig at Pine Lake Environmental Campus

A degree in Anthropology opens you up to so many exciting careers. Continue on to dig sites in graduate school and become a contract archeologist. Combine your degree with a Museum Studies minor to go into education or curatation, or with public health to learn how to better inform diverse populations about illness prevention and hygiene practices. Paired with studies in environmental science, and you could help address climate change and teach people how to live sustainably.

Hartwick student presenting during Student Showcase

Whatever your passion, you’ll dedicate yourself to a SOAR Capstone project in your senior year. And you’ll get to share that research with the campus community during our annual Student Showcase.

Hartwick student in South Africa during J Term

Along the way, your Career Coach and Alumni Mentor will help you find real-world work experiences to test out your path, whichever one you choose.


From the first day of classes, you’ll start with hands-on experience. Go into the forensic osteology lab and look at their bone casts. Spend J Term in South Africa, India or Ecuador, or get summer credits unearthing artifacts at the Pine Lake archeological field school. You could even receive one of our Duffy or Emerson Foundation scholarships and spend five weeks doing an international internship or research project.


Your first-year courses will introduce you to a wide variety of anthropology concepts, including biological, and cultural anthropology, and archeology. When you find your area of interest, your Faculty Mentor will help you choose classes to deepen your knowledge and understanding. Your Career Coach and your Alumni Mentor will help you find real-world work experiences, and your Success Coach will be there the whole way to support you.



Like Andrew Kendall ‘19, now studying museum management and collections at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. While at Hartwick, Andrew was a collections assistant at the Greater Oneonta Historical Society.


Like Arianna Galluzzo ‘11, a Prospect Research Manager with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The former president of the Museum Club studied abroad in London and Paris and got her MA in Cultural Anthropology at Syracuse University.


Like Katie Meuer ‘15, now a Community Impact Health Program Manager at the United Way in Washington D.C.. Katie double-majored in Anthropology and Biochemistry, then completed her master’s degree in Public Health at George Washington University.


Jason Antrosio

Professor of Anthropology and Department Chair, History Department Chair

Connie Anderson

Professor of Anthropology

Namita Sugandhi

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Ready to move faster? Get the full Hartwick anthropology experience in three-quarters the time at three-quarters the cost.

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