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Anthropology Department Overview

Anthropology is a vital and growing field, with a growing number of undergraduate anthropology majors. Working closely with anthropology professors, Hartwick Anthropology students do innovative research and internships in preparation for a wide range of careers. Anthropology at Hartwick helps students learn how to think, how to apply their knowledge, and how to make an impact on the world.

Exciting Student Outcomes

Hartwick anthropology students complete research and internships and are well-prepared for employment or graduate school.

Biocultural Anthropology of Food, Open Anthropology Journal
Alex Kaminsky ’16

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University
Neida Rodriguez ’15

Graduate School
Cooperstown Graduate Program in History Museum Studies
Leanne Schmadtke ’15

Cultural Resource Survey Program, New York State Museum
Rebecca Hunt ’15

Archaeologist at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
Amanda Phelps ’14

Teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Will Friedland ’15

Anthropology Requirements

Ready to be an anthropology major or minor? Here’s what it takes.

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Anthropology Courses

Hartwick Anthropology offers courses from each subfield of anthropology: archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. With small class sizes, even for Introduction to Anthropology, you get to know and work with your professor from Day 1.

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Special Opportunities

Archaeological Field School at the Pine Lake Environmental Campus. Analyzing artifacts and bones in the Anthropology Lab. Working in the Yager Museum of Art and Culture. J Term Study Abroad. International Scholarships and Internships. Join the Anthropology Club.

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Anthropology Faculty

At Hartwick, undergraduates get full professor attention. Each anthropology professor has an active research and publishing program and continues anthropological fieldwork.

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