Why Hartwick?

A minor in Education Studies from Hartwick will prepare you to understand the world that children, teens, and even adult learners inhabit. From educational policy and history to outdoor education, not-for-profits and more, you’ll be prepared to build the foundations for future generations.

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Many Career Paths

General Educational Studies

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree in education, studying education policy or administration, in-school counseling or psychology, even pediatric nursing or higher education, Hartwick will prepare you to understand how children learn, develop and grow.

Outdoor Education

If you love building community and sharing your passion for nature, our Outdoor Education track is for you. You’ll develop the skills to teach communication and collaboration as you practice leading the High and Low ropes courses at our gorgeous Pine Lake campus. It’s a great addition to your teaching toolkit!

Social Advocacy

And if you’re looking to pursue a career in education policy or law, our Social Advocacy track will give you a strong understanding of how to help students learn behind the classroom. You’ll have opportunities for internships with government agencies and higher education, or combine it with nursing, political science or sociology.

Whatever your specific path, Hartwick’s Educational Studies is steeped in social justice, priming you to work for a world where all have access to a safe and fair education.


From the start of your journey at Hartwick, you’ll be working in the classroom with students in order to better understand their needs, both academically and socially.

Your Career Coach will help you channel your passion into real-world work experiences, and your Alumni Mentor will share their tried-and-true advice for making you own success in the workplace.

In your senior year, your Faculty Mentor will work closely with you to develop a thesis project or internship that combines your academic and education-based interests. It all goes on your Digital Resume, which shows employers and graduate schools that you’ve got what it takes to help lead the next generation of learners.


Erin Baxter-Toal

Director of Pine Lake Environmental Campus & Challenge Education

Elizabeth Bloom

Professor of Education

Ross A. Bussell

Assistant Professor and Chair of Education Department