Educational Studies Minor

At Hartwick, we believe education takes place in many different forms and isn’t limited to public school teaching.

Hartwick Awakening Students

The educational studies minor program offers different tracks. The tracks allow students interested in an alternative to public school teaching opportunities to combine course work in education with offerings in other majors.

Where a background in educational studies can take you.

The educational studies minor serves to enhance a student’s background in educational theory, history, policy, and practice. Depending on the choice of track, students with the minor may work for non-profit education foundations or organizations committed to social improvement. Field experiences in outdoor education can lead to exciting opportunities literally anywhere in the world.

A closer look.

The tracks for the educational studies minor include: Educational Studies (not leading to NYS Certification), Social Advocacy, and Outdoor Education. All tracks include a foundation of education courses and culminate in an intensive field experience with a track-specific partner.

The Educational Studies Track is available to all students interested in studying educational theory, history, policy, and practice.

The Social Advocacy Track exposes students to courses in education with an emphasis in understanding soci-economic foundations of education.

The Outdoor Education Track allows students to develop an understanding of educational foundations while gaining real-world experience participating as a leader in Hartwick’s Challenge Education Program.

Beyond the basic.

Like all Hartwick students, educational studies minors learn by doing. They study in small classes and in the field with expert faculty and education professionals. They travel the world. They get ready for meaningful careers and interesting lives. They thrive.

Putting educational studies to work.

Educational studies minors are employed in wide variety of teaching fields, and many go on to study at the most prestigious graduate schools in the nation.


Erin Baxter-Toal

Director of Pine Lake Environmental Campus & Challenge Education

Elizabeth Bloom

Associate Professor and Chair of Education Department

Autumn Magliocca

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education