Why Hartwick?

You’re passionate about the outdoors. You want to understand the complex Earth phenomena by witnessing them firsthand, and you want to get your hands into water and soil. If this sounds like you, Hartwick is ready to help you dig in.

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Many Career Paths

Hartwick College geology students in field

A Geology degree at Hartwick readies you for a variety of careers, from private hydrology and geotechnical firms to government regulatory organizations, from preserving our beautiful National Parks to cleaning up communities after natural disasters with FEMA.

Hartwick College geology student in field

Interested in guiding policy that protects and sustains the environment? Pair Geology with our Environment Sustainability and Society major, and help make the changes that will protect our planet for the next generation.

Hartwick College geology students hiking in Colorado

Your Faculty Mentor will be there to help you design a FlightPath that supports your passions. Co-curricular courses in environmental chemistry, biology, planetary science, even scientific illustration, make your Hartwick degree just that – yours.


Your Hartwick education goes beyond Oyaron Hill. Develop a better understanding of world geology with J Term experiences in Hawaii, Hungary and the Caribbean. Get off-campus to study the famous mineral waters in Saratoga Springs or test the pollution in Pennsylvania’s anthracite mine region.

Join Delta Delta G, the Geology Club, on their annual trip to the Geological Society of America conference. It’s a great place to network for internships and graduate schools. Your Career Coach will guide you towards internships and real-world work experiences, and your Alumni Mentor will offer you their personalized tips for workplace success.


Your opportunities in the field start as soon as you get to Hartwick. Our Pine Lake campus allows you to get hands-on experience in a variety of ecosystems, while on-campus labs, workshops and coursework allow you to hone your skills at collecting and analyzing samples and data.

In your senior year, you’ll work alongside your Faculty Mentor to develop and research a thesis project on a topic that excites you. Present your findings at our Student Showcase – and at the Northeastern Geological Society of America Regional Conference.

You could even receive the Freedman Prize in Applied Geoscience, or the Hutch Award to assist with travel expenses related to your research.


Like Elizabeth Klonowski ’17 is now a Geoscientist at ExxonMobil in Texas. While at Hartwick, she received the Hutch Award for geoscience study and travel, and went on to get her master’s degree at Binghamton University.

Like Nicole Mehr ’17, a hydrogeologist and Senior Project GIT at Landau Associates in Seattle, WA. She worked as a research assistant during her time at Hartwick, studying the indirect effects of the hemlock woolly adelgid (invasive insect) on soil and soil water chemistry.

Like Joseph Moffitt, ’18 an Associate Geologist at Parsons Corporation in Syracuse, NY. A scholar-athlete, he received the Michelle Aldrich History and Philosophy of Science Award winner from the Geological Society of America.

Alyssa Schaeffer ’24 and Dr. David Griffing
Hartwick College geology students during field study


Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad

Professor of Geology & Coordinator of Environment, Sustainability & Society

David Griffing

Professor of Geology and Department Chair


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