Peace and Conflict Studies Minor

This minor serves students interested in the interdisciplinary study of the conflicts that characterize our world and the peace efforts that arise in response to these conflicts.

Where peace and conflict studies can take you.

Topics included in the broad range of available courses include pacifism and non-violent protest, domestic violence, war, torture, sex, race, sexual orientation discrimination, and peace movements of various kinds.

A closer look.

Courses are offered across the major academic divisions. Students pursuing the minor will explore the causes of international and domestic conflict, the results of such conflict, and the various ways available to mediate and prevent conflict.

Beyond the basic

Like all Hartwick students, peace and conflict studies minors learn by doing. They study in small classes with expert faculty. They travel the world. They get ready for meaningful careers and interesting lives. They thrive.

Putting peace and conflict studies to work

Peace and conflict studies minors are employed in wide variety of interesting fields, and many go on to study at the most prestigious graduate schools in the nation.


Kyle Burke

Assistant Professor of History and Peace & Conflict Studies Coordinator