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Study Psychology at Hartwick College and you’ll be part of a broad-based, research-focused program that prioritizes collaborations with your faculty. You’ll have opportunities to collect data in the lab, get real-world practice with medical professionals, or gain experience working alongside licensed therapists in patient-centered counseling services.


Spend your J Term studying abroad in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Study the psychology of Culture and Sustainable Tourism in  Hong Kong or Peru. Push yourself to the next level with an independent, Hartwick-funded Emerson International Internship or Duffy Family Ambassadorship. Develop your cross-cultural fluency and other important skills with our 21st Century Modules.


From the beginning, you’ll take a variety of approaches to understanding the whys and hows of human behavior. You’ll start with developing career-specific skills in research methodology, analysis, and writing. Studying developmental psychology, clinical, and neurological sciences, you’ll focus on projects that most excite you. Working alongside your Faculty Advisor, you’ll be on your way to developing the skill set that will become key to your Digital Resume.

If you enjoy research, you’ll dive deep into your senior thesis, then compile your findings and present your analysis at Hartwick’s Student Showcase – and maybe even the Eastern Psychological Association conference!

If client-centered practice drives you, be sure to connect with alumni in that field; take advantage of internship opportunities with local healthcare, recovery, or rehabilitation organizations; and pursue community volunteer opportunities that will test your commitment as you build your credentials.


From your first year at Hartwick, you’ll work in teams to consider interconnections, analyze data, and deepen your understanding of the mind. Get into our Psychology Lab to study links between alcohol and anxiety, the correlation between walking in nature and increased attention span, or the effects of stress on baby mice.

Where can you go with a Hartwick Psychology degree?


Like Aaron Hansbury ‘17, now a senior research assistant at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. Aaron earned an MPH in epidemiology and biostatistics from the Boston University School of Public Health. At Hartwick, he landed an internship at AO Fox Hospital working in infectious disease control and prevention. He also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and was an English tutor. Aaron has published his findings on treatments for infants suffering from opioid withdrawal syndrome.


Like Caitlin O’Brien ’17, now a genetic counselor with MD Anderson Cancer at Cooper in New Jersey. A scholar-athlete at Hartwick, Caitlin studied in Ireland and the Netherlands and built her credentials with internships at both Family Planning of South Central New York and the violence prevention program of Opportunities For Otsego. Caitlin earned her master’s in genetic counseling from Rutgers University.


Like Maria Pita ’18, MHC-LP NCC, now a mental health counselor at Gray Matter Neuropsychology on Long Island. As a 50/50 Peer Counselor at Hartwick, Maria partnered with Hartwick’s Director of Counseling Services Gary Robinson and a classmate to write and publish The Daily Brew, a guided journal designed to help users document and manage their daily stress levels. The journaling tool is now used by colleges across the country. Maria earned her master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Long Island University.


Justin Wellman

Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology Department

Lisa Onorato

Professor of Psychology

William Kowalczyk

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Heidi Rivera

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Erin M. Kenney

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
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