Why Hartwick?

You’re invested in the care and well-being of children, families, the elderly, or other vulnerable populations. You believe in social justice and community action. With a minor in social work at Hartwick, you’ll turn that passion into practice.

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Whether you’re majoring in public health, sociology, nursing, or any other human-centered major, Hartwick’s minor in social work will equip you with the knowledge to understand and assist others in navigating complex social problems, social welfare systems and social services.

Hartwick’s social work minor supports the rigorous core values of the social work profession, including service, social justice, dignity, integrity, competence, human rights, scientific inquiry and the importance of human relationships. These elements reflect the elements of the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics and the Council on Social Work Education.

A minor in social work also gives you a strong foundation to pursue a master’s degree, readying you for a career in the rapidly growing fields as a social worker, counselor, or care provider.


Structured inside the Department of Sociology, Criminology and Human Services, you’ll have collaborative opportunities to develop and deepen your understanding of social structures based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, economic status, and global location.

You’ll start by developing a comprehensive background in the social welfare system in the United States, and deepen your studies into how the market economy, and the historical, political, and cultural factors shape its course.

You’ll engage in professional development and put all of that knowledge into practice, interning for 120 hours at agencies aimed at improving the lives of others. Work locally, or apply for an Emerson scholarship to study how other countries provide for those in need.


In your senior year, you’ll work alongside your faculty mentor to develop a thesis project in your area of focus. Present your work at Student Showcase, or even at a regional or national conference!


Like Josephine Mowrey ’22, now getting her Master’s of Social Work at SUNY Albany. A sociology and psychology major, she did her research project on women’s life experiences, status, access to resources and power across different communities and cultures.

Like Gabriella Wheeler ’20, now Assistant Director of Social Work, Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. She interned with the youth bureau in the North Carolina Department of Social Services and got her MSW at Fordham University.

Like Alicia Clapper ’16, who completed her MSW at SUNY Binghamton and, after getting her License of Clinical Social Worker, worked as a social worker at Langley Health Services and Addiction Center of Broome County.


Elena Chernyak

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Chair