understanding how people interact and behave in groups

Hartwick sociology students in Ireland

Where degrees in sociology can take you

A degrees in sociology provides an excellent background for a wide range of careers.
These include fields like criminal justice, law enforcement, business, higher education administration, education, international relations, social advocacy, law, social work and many forms of non-profit and government service. Many sociology students also enroll in Hartwick’s education program.

Typically, graduates pursue careers as:

  • Market research analysts
  • School and career counselors
  • Human resource specialists
  • Media and communication workers
  • Management analysts

Putting sociology to work.

Hartwick sociology students are well-prepared for graduate study in the field, and go on to rewarding careers in a variety of fields.

Hartwick Alumni at work.

Hartwick alumni work for :

  • The Center for Disabilities
  • Head Start
  • New York Council on Not-for-Profits
  • Rhode Island Orphan Program
  • NYPD Academy
  • Onondaga County Sherriff’s Department
  • Congress

Alumni in graduate school

Hartwick graduates study at:

  • Columbia University Teachers College
  • Syracuse University
  • State University of New York at Albany
  • Connecticut Law School
  • Marywood School of Social Work
  • Seton Hall Law School
  • Boston University

Beyond the basic.

The Hartwick Sociology Department offers a wide range of special study opportunities, including off-campus programs in Charleston, SC and Ireland, and internships in law, health, youth, social advocacy, and criminal justice organizations in the local community and throughout the country.

Students have opportunities for collaborative research with community partners and faculty and to work with local agencies, conduct research, and present in local and national academic settings.

A closer look.

Hartwick’s sociology students may take courses in areas of departmental focus and expertise: criminal justice, social work/community advocacy, social justice/human rights, global studies, and applied health. Hartwick offers minors in criminal justice and social work.


Elena Chernyak

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Chair

Ryan Ceresola

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Cheryl Johnson

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Amber M. Kerwin

Professor of Practice in Criminal Justice

Michael Branch

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Zachary McKenney

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program.

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