Hartwick’s women’s and gender studies minor fosters a new way of looking at important issues

The women’s and gender studies minor familiarizes students with the scholarship on gender that has developed in almost every academic field over the past three decades, transcending disciplines and challenging traditional ways of teaching and conducting research.

Where a background in women’s and gender studies can take you.
The minor addresses challenging androcentric bias in thought, language, and social and intellectual systems; rethinking central Western dualisms (e.g., mind/body, subject/object, thinking/doing).

Putting women’s and gender studies to work.

Hartwick Alumni.

Women’s and gender studies minors are employed in wide variety of interesting fields, and many go on to study at the most prestigious graduate schools in the nation.

Beyond the basic.

Like all Hartwick students, women’s and gender studies minors learn by doing. They study in small classes with expert faculty. They travel the world. They get ready for meaningful careers and interesting lives. They thrive.

A closer look.

Students learn to critique all forms of oppression, including class, race, sex, sexual-affectional preference, first-world/third-world violence, militarism, ecological destruction, political inequality, and hierarchies of power.


Karina Walker

Assistant Professor of Spanish & Coordinator of Women & Gender Studies

Michael Branch

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Elena Chernyak

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Chair

Matthew Chick

Assistant Professor of Political Science & Pre-Law Program Coordinator

Cheryl Johnson

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Barbara Kahl

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Marisa Kofke

Assistant Professor of Education