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The first step to success in college is being in courses where you can thrive.

To help us place you in the right courses, Hartwick requires new students to complete the Directed Self-Placement questionnaire for the Writing Program and  the math placement exam.

The Hartwick College Writing Program strongly believes in student agency and that students are in the best position to know which writing courses can best support them during their first year of college. Instead of using timed, standardized exams to place students, the Writing Program uses a more personalized process known as Directed Self-Placement in which we invite incoming students to reflect on past and current writing and reading skills and practices. The Writing Program will use your questionnaire responses, along with other relevant information from your academic history, to recommend an appropriate first-year writing course for you.

Complete the questionnaire here: Directed-Self Placement

If you have any questions about the Directed Self-Placement process or wish to discuss your first-year writing placement, please email Dr. James Cochran, the Director of the Writing Program and Writing Center, at

All students must complete the online Math Placement. Results of the placement are used to establish your math level; it does not mean that you must enroll in a math course. Math placement results, which range from 1-5, determine the level of math-related course-work for which you are able to enroll, ensuring your level of preparedness for success in the course. Several courses throughout the academic departments have such math level requirements.

Instructions for taking the Math Placement Exam:

Log in to the Hartwick College D2L platform – you will need your Hartwick network username and password. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Once logged in to: Hartwick College D2L platform

1. Click My Courses, and then Math Placement Exam 2024-25.

2. Next, click on Quizzes on the top navbar. Under Current Quizzes, you will see Math Placement 2024-25 Exam

3. Click on Math Placement 2024-25 Exam and follow instructions.

4. When you complete the exam, click Go to Submit Quiz.

5. If you do not finish the exam within the time limit, be sure to submit what you have completed.

Good luck!

Additional Course Placement Considerations

College offers great opportunities for enhancing foreign language skills. All students prior to enrolling at Hartwick should complete the online placement in the language they wish to study to assist us in planning your courses. Also, be sure to indicate on your Course Planning Guide if you would like to continue studying the language you have had experience in or whether you prefer to branch out to start a new language. Click this link to set up your account:

Complete your Foreign Language Placement exam.

Students with documented disabilities who require testing adjustments during placement exams should contact AccessAbility Services.

Some transfer students will not need to complete the Writing Placement Exam if they have earned a C or better in a college-level composition course from an accredited collegiate institution. See the full transfer credit policy (“Transfer Credit Policy for Writing Courses”) for more information.

Transfer credit from nationally and regionally accredited colleges is given for courses substantially similar to those offered at Hartwick College, completed with a grade of C or higher.  For the purposes of Hartwick College’s Writing Competency Program, students who before entry have attained a grade of C or better in a college-level composition course offered at an accredited collegiate institution will receive college credit for ENGL-110 (“College Writing”). College-level composition courses taken as part of a dual-enrollment program qualify for this allowance.  “AP” credit high school courses do not qualify for this allowance.  (Note: those meeting this policy are excused from taking the Writing Placement Exam).