Student Health 101

Student Health 101 is a monthly publication intended to give you valuable information about all the things you’re interested in but may not want to ask about.

The Office of Health Promotion partners with College Health Services, LLC to provide this Student Health 101 to the Hartwick College community.

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College Health Services, LLC has a medical advisory board consisting of licensed medical professionals who advise on issues related to your medical health and the topics we should educate you on; there is also a student advisory board that involves students like you from all over the United States. This student advisory board helps College Health Services to determine the topics for each issue, as well as providing some of the interactive components that you will find as you read your issue.

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You may also receive Student Health 101 on your mobile device by texting Hartwick to the short code 40691.

College Health Services also offers a 65-page General Health Guide that is available to you online. This guide offers information on a number of topics ranging from Bone & Muscle, Digestive & Abdominal, Headaches, Mononucleosis, Skin Conditions, and much more.

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In addition to the monthly publication, there is also a Stall Street Journal which in conjunction with the monthly e-mail tells you what you can expect in each issue. You will find the Stall Street Journal in different private locations around campus.

We also recommend the Parent Perspective, a monthly publication geared to parents of a college-age student. The Parent Perspective was designed to offer you, as a parent, information that will help you understand what your student may be going through during their college experience. We feel that this is also a good way to assist in opening the lines of communication by offering key talking points and common discussion topics.

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