Classroom Technology in Bresee Hall

Here you will find detailed information about the A/V equipment installed in Bresee Hall classrooms, and how to use it.

Bresee 209

Bresee 209

  • Screen: front of classroom
  • Projector: Epson Powerlite 93+
  • Controller: Epson projector remote
  • Sound: Sherwood amp, wall mounted speakers
  • Connections: VGA
  • Installed media players: DVD/VCR
Bresee 209 Cables & Remote

Bresee 209

  • Turn projector on by pressing the power button on the remote once (blue button, top left of remote).
  • Plug VGA cable into the laptop. If using audio, plug the audio jack into the headphone port on the laptop.
  • The amp in the rack controls the audio.
  • Turn off the projector by pressing the power button on the remote twice.
Eaton Lounge

Eaton Lounge

  • Screen: Vizio Smart TV on Rolling Cart
  • Controller: Vizio TV remote
  • Connections: VGA, HDMI
  • Zoom Equipment: Logitech GROUP Webcam (with speakerphone/mic pod)
  • Audio: Lectern with mic, built-in speaker
  • Installed media players: none
Eaton Cables & Remote

Eaton Lounge

  • Plug either VGA or HDMI cable into the laptop.
  • Turn TV on with the remote (button on top right).
  • Change Source/Input with the remote (button on the top left)
Eaton TV Inputs

Eaton Lounge

  • Choose “HDMI-Side HDMI-Eaton” for HDMI connection.
  • HDMI connection allows audio to be transmitted to the TV. Use the TV remote for volume control.
  • Choose “RGB VGA-Eaton” for VGA connection.
  • VGA connection does not send audio to the TV. Connect to the cable in the lectern and control the volume on the lectern speaker.
  • Turn TV off with the remote.

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