Receiving a malicious or threatening phone call or voicemail can be a very distressing experience.

Investigating such calls requires the coordinated efforts of Telecommunications and the Office of Campus Safety.

You can help in this effort by writing down/documenting the following information if you receive a malicious or threatening call or voicemail:

  1. Time the call came in
  2. What extension the phone call came to
  3. Exact wording of what was said (as close as possible)
  4. Caller characteristics (male or female voice, etc.)
  5. Contact the Office of Campus Safety at x4111 as soon as possible
  1. After listening to the message do not delete or save the message–you should press the (#) key (pound key). This will skip the message and allow the message to be retrieved later with all envelope information intact.
  2. Contact the Office of Campus Safety at x4111 or dial “0.”
  3. Faculty and staff should notify their department chair or their supervisor as soon as possible.

All Information Will Be Kept Confidential

The Telecommunications Office has a set of procedures to investigate malicious or threatening calls and to keep all information confidential. These procedures require that before an investigation can begin, Telecommunications must first get approval from the Office of Campus Safety. Any information obtained from an investigation will be released to the Office of Campus Safety only.


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