e-Reg for Advisors

This page includes important information and training documents to help you understand the new system. You can download a pdf version of the complete instructions by clicking here.

What is the NEW e-Reg?

The NEW e-Reg is a WebAdvisor tool that allows advisors to clear students for online course registration quickly and easily. The new system works in live sections!

How does it work?

Students meet with their advisors to, among other things, discuss academic goals and courses needed to satisfy degree requirements. At the conclusion of the meeting, a student is cleared in WebAdvisor by the advisor, and the student is able to pre-register electronically. Note that under this new system, additional approvals are NOT required. You simply clear the student once, and he or she is able to modify their schedule without needing additional approvals from you.

How do I use the new e-Reg?

Begin by clicking one of the links on the left or by downloading the instructions by clicking here.

Forms and petitions, including a course block, can be found by clicking here.


For questions related to the NEW e-Reg, please contact one of the following members of the implementation team:

Joe Ficano, general e-Reg questions related to planning and pre-registration, 431-4564.

Deb Hilts, technical issues, how-to issues and general questions, 431-4171.

Matt Sanford, content questions (course issues, advisee issues), 431-4435.