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  • Students discussing projects during Showcase 2009


Psychology majors choose to work on some of the most exciting, yet challenging, problems: understanding human behavior and understanding the human mind. As a psychology major, you will discover how the tools of the scientific method can help you tackle the greatest puzzles of understanding, predicting, and modifying behavior.

Psychology faculty are committed to undergraduate education, believe in the value of hands-on experiences, and have built an entire curriculum aimed at proficiency in conducting research, both in the field and in the lab. At Hartwick College, psychology faculty bring expertise from a wide variety of subdisciplines to our classes, including biopsychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, health psychology, human factors engineering, developmental psychology, to name a few!

Psychology majors at Hartwick have numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge of psychology in the field. All majors must complete at least two upper-level research lab courses as well as a senior capstone project. Some may be selected to engage in collaborative research with faculty members and to serve as lab, teaching, or research assistants. We offer several courses that place students in internship settings at various service organizations within the local community. Psi Chi students also gain experience testing their knowledge of psychology in their roles as peer tutors. Hartwick Psychology majors use experiences such as these to help them gain admittance into some of the nation's most prestigious Ph.D. psychology programs. Check out our psychology alumni!

Our senior capstone represents one of the best opportunities for students to delve into a topic of personal interest and helps students distinguish themselves among others when they apply to graduate school. Each year, we have a number of students who publish their manuscripts and present their research at psychology conferences.

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