Computer Science Internships

Why Complete an Internship?

Internships should be considered as a learning experience that students could use to further improve their education while providing valuable employment skills.  Some of the benefits of an internship can include:

  • Real World Experience: Joining a company as an intern provides the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment.
  • Networking: Internships often provide the opportunity to attend meetings and events. By interacting with professionals, students gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment.
  • Resume Builder: Internships are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume, lacking experience.
  • Time Management: As an intern, time management will become an important skill to master. When working in a fast-paced professional environment, every minute counts.
  • Career Foundation: Internships provide the building blocks needed, and can help set the foundation, for a future career.

Computer and Information Sciences Department / Bassett Healthcare Internship Cooperative

The department has a cooperative internship agreement with the Bassett Healthcare IT department in Cooperstown, NY.  This agreement provides students with several internship opportunities that can enhance a degree in Computer or Information Science.  Selected students work with IT staff and managers in the daily operations of the IT department.

This cooperative program provides a synergy between the CISC department looking to provide internship opportunities to students and Bassett Healthcare looking for a steady supply of highly motivated IT employees.  Some of the opportunities can include:

4-week January-term appointment: This is typically an unpaid internship that will allow the student to work on one of two IT teams at the hospital.

10-week summer appointment:  This is typically a paid internship position (pending department funding) that will allow the student to work on one of two IT teams at the hospital.

Multi-year opportunity: Students that succeed in one of the above options will have the ability to return to complete an advanced-level internship.  This can include several January or summer appointments for a maximum of three Bassett internships during their time at Hartwick College.  As the student progresses from year-to-year, they will experience higher levels of responsibility in the IT department.

Full semester / Senior thesis:  This is a special internship opportunity for students that are the top in their discipline, combining a 9-credit internship with a 3-credit senior thesis to create a full semester experience.  The student will work with higher-level IT teams to work towards solving advanced, real world IT problems.  This internship is meant to include all of the academic rigor and research that is expected of a senior thesis project, and the student must have completed one prior 3-credit internship with Bassett to qualify.