Computer Science Special Opportunities


The importance of internships in a student’s undergraduate degree cannot be overstated.  The faculty members of the department have always worked to help students locate and succeed in various internship opportunities, but we have decided to take that one step further with our internship cooperative agreement with Bassett Healthcare.

More about computer science internship opportunities.

CISC Clubhouse

The CISC Clubhouse is a multipurpose facility.  It is a lab filled with powerful computers for students in advanced courses or working on special projects, a 3D printer for student use, and a vintage arcade cabinet that runs hundreds of classic arcade and console games (great to relax a little).  It is also a comfortable place for students in the computer science major to hang out.  There are lots of comfortable chairs; there is a good reason that students immediately named the facility the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is truly a student-centered space, it is intended for both work and social activities.  The computers used in the clubhouse are designed and built by CISC students in Prof. Howard Lichtman‘s PC Systems course.

Computer Science Club

The students in the CISC department wanted to share their love of technology with the entire campus community, so they created the Computer Science Club.  The club is an officially sanctioned student senate campus club that is opened to students in any major.

Some of the activities of the club include:

  • Tutoring and homework assistance for computer science classes
  • Information sessions on various technologies
  • Planning trips to computer-related events and conferences
  • Annual LAN Party – Food, Prizes, and Games!

MSDNAA Program

The computer science department’s MSDNAA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance) Program allows students in our Department to have, free of charge, any Microsoft operating system or development tool, including beta versions.  This means, for example, that you can download and install the latest versions of MS Windows and MS Visual Studio on your computer completely free.