Why Hartwick?

History is all around you at Hartwick. From Indigenous accounts to the Cold War, social justice and contemporary politics, and a strong focus on U.S. history, a Hartwick education will prepare you not just for a variety of careers, but for a better understanding of the past, the present, and the future.

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Many Career Paths

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Hartwick’s History major is prime for cross-collaboration with multiple departments and programs. Your Success Coach and Faculty Mentor can create opportunities for you to develop your specific interest and chart your Flightpath.

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Add a Museum Studies minor and find your passion in curating artifacts. Political Science courses can bring out your inner politician or help you prepare for law school, or enroll in the Education program and share your knowledge of history in the classroom.

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Your Career Coach and Alumni Mentor will guide you towards internships and real-world work experiences where you’ll develop the practical skills for your career. And when you graduate, you’ll have everything you’ve accomplished on your Digital Resume.


J Term is a great opportunity to broaden your educational horizons. Learn about African-American History Through Film, or study American history through local Native history. You’ll tour local museums and historical societies, and develop your own independent research projects – all in your first year!

There are plenty of opportunities to study abroad throughout your time at Hartwick. Better understand the history of Populism in Central Europe, dine in a century-old pub in Ireland or immerse yourself in Japanese culture and traditions.

As you deepen your area of interest, your Faculty Mentor will guide you towards research opportunities. All this culminates in your SOAR Capstone, which you’ll present to the campus during Senior Showcase. You could even present your work at the American Historical Association Conference!


Whether you’re studying history to trace your hometown history during the Civil War, pursuing the personal narratives during the Great Depression, or delving deep into race relations during the LA riots, you’ll develop the core skills that will help you research and analyze historical evidence, compare differing accounts of events, construct a clear argument, and share what you’ve learned with others through presentations, papers, even blogs and op-eds.



Like Mackenzie Hubner ’15, a GPS SE&I Technical Writer at SAIC, who researches and analyzes Big Data for the Air Force and government cybersecurity documentation. A double-major in Art History, she was a member of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society.


Like Elizabeth Popyack ’23, who is currently interning at the Clinton Historical Society. A Museum studies minor, she helped install the “For The Moment, Living Images: Masks of Mexico and Beyond” exhibit at the Yager Museum.


Like Kevin Jensen ’20, an Interpretation and Research Specialist at Hanford Mills. Kevin’s passion for carpentry help him demonstrate the antique woodworking shop for visitors, and his background in research is essential to documenting the museum’s collections.


Chad Anderson

Assistant Professor of History & Coordinator of Individual Student Program (ISP)

Kyle Burke

Associate Professor of History, Department Chair, and Peace & Conflict Studies Coordinator

Cherilyn Lacy

Professor of History & Assistant Dean of Faculty

Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program

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