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Religious Studies
Areas of Expertise

moral philosophy and phenomenology

Ph.D., University of California at Riverside

J. Jeremy Wisnewski

Professor of Philosophy

Recent courses taught:

  • Asian Philosophy
  • Heidegger
  • Mind and Self
  • Ethics

Selected publications:

  • “The Moral Relevance of Literature and the Limits of Argument: Lessons from Heidegger, Aristotle, and Coetzee,” in Fictional Characters, Real Problems: Essays on the Ethical Content of Literature, edited by Garry Hagberg, Oxford University Press (2016).
  • “WikiLeaks and Whistleblowing: Privacy and Consent in an Age of Surveillance,” in Ethics and the Future Spying: Technology, Intelligence Collection and National Security, edited by Jai Galliot, Routledge, (2016).
  • “The Obligation of Sympathy in Medical Ethics,” Journal of Medical Humanities, Vol 36, No 4 (2015), 309-319.
  • Heidegger: An Introduction, Rowman and Littlefield, 2012.
  • Understanding Torture, Edinburgh University Press, 2010.