Why Hartwick?

When you study Inclusive Elementary Education at Hartwick, you’ll be immersed in general and special education settings, priming you for success as an educator who will create a classroom that supports and encourages all students.

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Many Career Paths

With a growing need for Inclusive Education, the demand for teachers with special education experience is at an all-time high.

Hartwick student listening to a mentor

Student teaching placements give you the chance to hone your strengths as an educator, and your Alumni Mentor will share their personalized, professional advice to guide you on your path.

Hartwick College education students with faculty mentor in elementary classroom

Your Faculty Mentor will help you prepare for your certification exams while you’re at Hartwick, readying you to teach in special, general and inclusive education classrooms as soon as you graduate.

Hartwick College education alumnus with school children

Your Hartwick degree also positions you well to continue to seek career advancement as a principal, superintendent or other administrative specialist.


Hartwick College education student in elementary school classroom

You’ll complete more than 540 hours of immersive classroom experience, from developing your first relationships with students to leading students in lesson plans you crafted yourself.

Hartwick College education students at school Ghana during J Term

Two J Term mini-practicums give you a broad understanding of student needs and experiences. Embark on study abroad programs to learn about education across cultures.

Hartwick College education student in elementary school classroom

As a senior, you’ll complete two seven-week student teaching placements, putting all your skills to the test. All these experiences go on your Digital Resume, showing employers you’ve got the skills to lead.


From your first days at Hartwick, your Success Coach and Faculty Mentor will work with you to make sure you’re getting what you need from your Hartwick education.

You’ll work together to study and prepare for your Certification exams. Your Career Coach will help you find and ace your job interviews, and by the time you cross that stage at Commencement, you’ll be ready to launch your career as an educator.

Not from New York? We’ll help you arrange to take your certification in your home state.


Elizabeth Bloom

Professor and Chair of Education Department

Erin Baxter-Toal

Director of Pine Lake Environmental Campus & Challenge Education

Ross A. Bussell

Assistant Professor of Education