Meal Plan Dollars

Meal Plan Dollars is a declining balance attached to your meal plan. Funds may also be used separate from a meal plan.

Funds can be applied by making payment at the Cashier in Bresee, or charged to a student’s account, if the account is in good standing. To add funds to your declining balance, a parent can simply complete an online form, or email the Office of Student Accounts at

Add Funds to Your Declining Balance

Aside from charging to the student account, another benefit is that no sales tax is added to purchases when using the Meal Plan Dollars.

This declining balance is available for use in the Commons, Table Rock Cafe, and the Convenience Store. The Meal Plan Dollars carry over to Spring Semester, but the account is closed at the end of the academic year. Any balance remaining on the account is non-refundable.

Check Your Meal Plan Dollars Balance


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