Dining Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing our customers with fresh, quality meals in a courteous and timely manner. This involves dining in a friendly, community atmosphere.

We ask that you recognize campus policies while dining in The Commons and at Table Rock Café, and adhere to the dining Code of Conduct below.

  • Please do not use inappropriate language.
  • No disruptive behavior, i.e. shouting or throwing food, is allowed.
  • Food containers (tupperware or styrofoam containers) are not permitted in The Commons.
  • Theft will be reported to Campus Safety and will be handled accordingly.
  • Shirts and shoes are required.
  • You must have a WickIt card with a valid Meal Plan or pay cash to enter The Commons. We are not responsible for lost or forgotten cards.
  • Letting someone else use your Meal Plan is against campus policy. WickIt cards found in the possession of others will be confiscated in all circumstances.
  • Please report stolen WickIt cards ASAP. New WickIt card costs $16.20. Once a new card is made, the old card is de-activated and cannot be re-activated.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not leave valuables unattended in The Commons.
  • Any expense associated with the misuse of the Meal Plan, WickIt card or dining facilities will be the responsibility of the offender.

To ensure everyone has the option of enjoying their meals in our dining rooms, we ask your cooperation in observing these guidelines. Dining Services reserves the right to refuse admission to our dining facilities in the event these guidelines are not followed.