Campus Wireless Network

Hawks-Secure Wireless Network

Hartwick College uses a secure wireless network called Hawks-Secure.  Instructions for joining the Hawks-Secure network are below:

Student Windows Laptops:  Instructions for Windows laptops

Faculty/Staff Hartwick-issued Windows laptops: Instructions for Faculty/Staff Hartwick-issued laptops

Macintosh Laptops: Instructions for Macintosh laptops

Handheld Devices: Instructions for iPhone, iPad and Android

Visitors to campus who cannot register with a Hartwick College network username and password may use the Hawks-Guest Network.


Hawks-Device Network

Students may register game devices, Apple TVs, smart TVs and other devices for use on the Hawks-Device wireless network. After registration, devices with an Ethernet option may also be used on the wired network.

  • Locate the wired and/or wireless MAC (Media Access Control) address for your device
  • Register that address following the Hawks-Device device registration instructions below
  • For wifi, join the device to the Hawks-Device network following those instructions
  • For Ethernet, plug the device into an available Ethernet port
  • It may take 24 hours from the time of registration until the device can join the network

Device Registration: Instructions for Device Registration


Hawks-Guest Network

Visitors to campus may register and use the Hawks-Guest network.

Instructions for Using the Guest Network


Questions About Hartwick’s Wireless Network

Contact the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357 or at