Emergency Numbers

 Emergency Numbers 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. All other times & College holidays
Emergencies  4111  0
Campus Health Services  4120  0
Campus Counseling Services  4420  0
Campus Peer Counseling  5050  
Ambulance  911  
Fire Department  911  
Police Department  607-432-1111  
A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital  607-432-2000  
Other Campus Services    
Residential Life 4501 0
Facilities Services/Maintenance 4140 0
Technology Resources Center
4357 0

How to contact Campus Safety in an emergency:

Dialing 911 from any phone (cell phone or On-Campus phone) will connect to the County 911 Center. 

If you receive a busy signal or no answer at any time, dial 4200 from any campus phone or 607-431-4111 from off-campus.

In all instances, be as specific as possible and identify yourself by name to the operator.