Workers’ compensation insurance is provided for all of our employees, in case an accident or injury occurs on the job.

It is our intent to provide a safe and pleasant work environment for employees; however, we are aware accidents and injuries do occur. The following information will guide you in reporting a work related accident or injury.

Reporting A Work Related Injury

Step 1: If injured while on the job, you must notify your supervisor immediately (within 24 hours). You or your supervisor should contact via email Human Resources, Even if the injury appears minor, report it.

Step 2: Complete a Work-Related Incident Report and a Release of Information form and submit these forms to Human Resources within 24 hours of the incident.

Step 3: Prior to seeking medical attention, pick up a Return to Work form to present to the physician to complete. This form needs to be submitted to Human Resources prior to you returning to work. Seek prompt medical attention if needed. In an emergency, you may get temporary medical care from any doctor (or emergency room) until the emergency is over.

Step 4: Provide your supervisor, and Human Resources with a statement from the attending physician regarding your work status and condition.

Step 5: If your injury requires modified duty, discuss the limitations with your supervisor and Human Resources. Always advise your supervisor and Human Resources of follow-up appointments, therapy sessions and your work status.

Step 6: If your injury requires time off from work to recover, keep in contact with your supervisor and Human Resources regarding your status on a regular weekly basis. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Step 7: Advise your supervisor and Human Resources of your full-duty release for work.

Step 8: Return to work only with physician approval.


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