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Please contact us for Marketing Templates for Event Posters & Invitations.


What Marketing Can Do For You?

  • Help promote your department, your expertise, your success, or your event
  • Broadcast success stories on our website, in print, in the press, and on social media.
  • Write compelling stories about all aspects of Hartwick
  • Develop and edit web content along with content contributors around campus.
  • Make our webpages more exciting visually and less text heavy
  • Train you to use the web content management system
  • Provide graphic design and digital marketing expertise
  • Provide a professional photographer or videographer to capture your event or tell your story
  • Create Press Releases, engage media outlets, and post on the
  • Guide and support your use of the College Brand


Nick George
Director of Digital Communications

Beth Steele P’12
Editorial & Creative Director
Editor-in-Chief of The Wick college magazine

Libby Cudmore
Writer for Young Audiences

David B. Lubell
Integrated Marketing Writer

Cindy McKown
Communications Graphic Designer

Jennifer Nichols-Stewart
Multimedia Graphic Designer

Nichole J. Paolino
Social Media Manager

Stephanie Pointer Brunetta
Associate Director of Communications for Web Services

Our Mission

  • build and reinforce the College’s reputation (tell one positive story every day)
  • increase Hartwick’s visibility among key target audiences
  • enhance Hartwick’s competitive position in higher education (define our value proposition)
  • develop, implement and oversee a clearly defined & articulated marketing communications strategy
  • oversee media relations, social media, and
  • engage all campus partners to assure comprehensive and consistent brand reinforcement
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