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Please contact us for Marketing Templates for Event Posters & Invitations.

What Marketing Can Do For You?

  • Help promote your department, your expertise, your success, or your event
  • Broadcast success stories on our website, in print, in the press, and on social media.
  • Write compelling stories about all aspects of Hartwick
  • Develop and edit web content along with content contributors around campus.
  • Make our webpages more exciting visually and less text heavy
  • Train you to use the web content management system
  • Provide graphic design and digital marketing expertise
  • Provide a professional photographer or videographer to capture your event or tell your story
  • Create Press Releases, engage media outlets, and post on the
  • Guide and support your use of the College Brand


Gail Glover
Vice President for Strategic Communications

Nick George
Director of Digital Communications

Beth Steele P’12
Editorial & Creative Director
Editor-in-Chief of The Wick college magazine

Libby Cudmore
Writer for Young Audiences

David B. Lubell
Integrated Marketing Writer

Cindy McKown
Communications Graphic Designer

Jennifer Nichols-Stewart
Multimedia Graphic Designer

Nichole J. Paolino
Social Media Manager

Stephanie Pointer Brunetta
Associate Director of Communications for Web Services

Our Mission

  • build and reinforce the College’s reputation (tell one positive story every day)
  • increase Hartwick’s visibility among key target audiences
  • enhance Hartwick’s competitive position in higher education (define our value proposition)
  • develop, implement and oversee a clearly defined & articulated marketing communications strategy
  • oversee media relations, social media, and
  • engage all campus partners to assure comprehensive and consistent brand reinforcement

Notice of Media Activity & Use

The Office of Marketing and Communications enjoys capturing photos and videos of people enjoying their time on the Hartwick College campus, and using them in print and web publications to foster a strong Hartwick community. We use photos and videos to enhance the quality of our print materials, publications, the website, social media, publicity, marketing, advertising, and fundraising. For more information, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications at