Conferences Are Part of Hartwick Experience

James Cochran, director of the Writing Program and Writing Center, knows how much attending a professional conference can impact a student’s experience.

“It was life-changing to see myself as not just someone who’s writing for my class to get an A, but because I have something worth sharing with people,” he said.  “Doing that, prompted my turn to grad school, my work in higher education.”

Now, two of the peer writing consultants in the Writing Center have had their proposals accepted to Cornell University’s Peer Tutor Writing Center Conference on Saturday, April 21.

Kathryn Pilliod, ’24, who is pursuing nursing, will present “The Implications of AI Generated Writing for Multilingual Writers: A Roundtable Discussion,” and Chaw Akari ’24, a biochemistry major, will present “Supporting STEM Writers at the Writing Center.”

Participation in conferences is a great way to showcase what students have learned and help them build their career network.

“A Hartwick student’s career and self-development comes in many forms during their time on and off the Hill,” said Megan Gray, associate vice president for Career Development & Network Engagement.

Megan Gray

“Professional conferences are a great opportunity to learn and apply interests and knowledge with peers, faculty advisors and industry professionals. The networking alone is invaluable as a practice and opportunity to build connections and relationships for their future.”

Megan Gray

Associate Vice President for Career Development & Network Engagement

Pilliod, along with fellow nursing student researchers Jahmani Cox ’24, Duncan Jarvi ’24 and Carson Nellins ’25, will also present their research poster “Racial Disparities between Black and non-Hispanic White Patients in Intrapartum Care” at the Translating Research to Innovations in Practice 2024 – 7th Annual Nursing Research Conference 2024 at Penn State University May 8-9.

“I’ve been trying to get students to present at a conference for years, but the deadline was always before they’d written their abstracts,” said Melody Best, assistant professor of nursing. “But this year, I moved the abstract earlier so they can submit them if they choose.”

Five research groups submitted abstracts and all were accepted, with two planning to attend the conference. The two students that researched racial disparity and phantom pain will be attending the conference in Hershey, Pa. in May.

The other three groups whose posters were also accepted included:

-Rachel Nacheman ’24, Naomi Cook ’24, Gabrielle Puglisi ’24, Aakriti Khatri ’24: “Do pregnant women in the first stage of labor perceive less pain using nonpharmacologic interventions compared to pregnant women in the first stage of labor using pharmacologic techniques?”

-Katie Miller ’24, Emily Strutt ’24, Leslie Perlee ’24, Kelli-jo VanValkenburgh ’24: “What are the most effective nursing interventions to promote thermoregulation in full term neonates?”

-Christine Zuniga ’24, Courtney Lessard ’24, Lauren Plunkett ’24, Brianna Everle ’24: “How does screen time influence the cognitive development of children ages one through five?”

Pilliod and Cox will then take their poster to the New York State Perinatal Association Conference in Albany, N.Y. as well.

Best sees conferences as a crucial part of a nurse’s career.

“What is the point of doing research unless you share it with your colleagues?” said Best. “And that’s what people learn at these conferences. Someone could see a poster and think, ‘Yes, that is something we should put into practice at my clinic.’ This makes students part of the knowledge stream, as well as keeping their own knowledge up-to-date.”

Cochran agreed.

James Cochran, Hartwick College

“It’s a good way for students to see themselves as more than just students getting grades at Hartwick. They can see themselves as people with intellectual lives that can be meaningful and are worth sharing with others.”

James Cochran

Director of the Writing Program and Writing Center

April 4, 2024
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