Meet the Netwick

Over True Blue Weekend, the College launched a new initiative - the Netwick: a career-centered community that’s at the heart of the Hartwick experience. Below, Megan Gray, assistant vice president of career development & network engagement, explains what the Netwick offers students, parents, alumni and professionals.

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Introducing….The Netwick

What makes the Hartwick experience so special? What does it mean to be a “Hawk” or feel a sense of pride in “The Wick”? 

We are a campus community and college network who are genuinely attentive and caring, well-connected, involved, and deeply committed to the well-being and success of our graduates. Every day, Hartwick’s community makes a difference by opening doors and transforming the outcomes of our graduates. To recognize and celebrate our network’s purpose and impact, we have given it a proper name. “The Netwick.”

What is The Netwick?

It’s a network of aspiring and accomplished professionals who are committed to supporting the career and network development of our students and graduates.

Who is in the Netwick? 

Alumni, students, faculty, staff, families, employers, community leaders, and friends of the College 

How do I connect to The Netwick?

Join TrueBlue Connect, Hartwick’s exclusive online community, for 24/7 career exploration, conversations, and mentorship. Your profile on TrueBlue Connect will connect you with professionals in the community, networking events, volunteer opportunities and to faculty and staff who want to introduce students and alumni in their classroom, on the playing field, at campus events and while traveling. Sign up and build your Hartwick community profile, or simply upload your LinkedIn profile to get started! 

You can also be a volunteer mentor in the Netwick by sharing your insight and experience. Ways to get involved include:

  • Referring job or internship opportunities.
  • Participating in career and networking events and panel discussions.
  • Making classroom visits.
  • Being active in career affinity groups.
  • Attending regional events and supporting student travel experiences during the semester, J Term and spring break. 

We are committed to Hartwick students engaging with and developing their professional network. One of our highest priorities is helping students navigate and prepare for today’s complex and constantly changing career landscape. Finding people with direct experience and with the affinity and desire to help is valuable for our whole community. Our engaged community is distinctive and the most incredible resource. It’s why the Netwick is so important

Megan Gray


October 12, 2023
Career Development, What's New

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