Philosophy Alumni

Examples of Our Graduates’ Success

Graduate School & Employment

Zach Bengtson ’23 (Philosophy/Chemistry): Evening and Weekend Program Coordinator/Student Government Association Advisor, Oneonta Job Corps

Ed Holman ’21 (Philosophy/Political Science):
(MPA) Master Degree of Public Administration at American University, Associate Consultant at Purpose Possible

Joshua Craig ’21 (Business, minored in Philosophy): Project Analyst at Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Matthew Randall ’20 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Space Contract Manager, Lockheed and Martin

Deanna Feyerabend ’20 (Philosophy/Environmental Sustainability):
NYS University Police Officer, SUNY Oneonta

Alex Amat ’20 (Philosophy):
Instructor, City Year, Chicago

Giovanni Scarimbolo ’19 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Pace University Law School; Attorney, Donovan Laughlin and Laughlin, LLC

Casey Holmberg ’18 (Philosophy/Information Science):
Assistant Director of the Technology Resource Center, Hartwick College

Ghalia Mahran ’18 (Philosophy):
MA Mental Health Counseling, Wake Forest University; Psychotherapist, MHC-LP

John Talbot ’18 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Wake Forest University School of Law; Associate, O’Conner Law, White Plains, NY

Noy Kruvi ’17 (Philosophy):
Regulator, Vermont Department of Financial Regulation MA
Environmental Law and Policy University of Vermont, JD, University of Vermont Law School,
Attorney: Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green

Dom Notar ’17 (Philosophy):
Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems Apprentice, Air National Guard

Alaina Shires ’15 (Philosophy/Political Science):
MA candidate, University of Denver, Master of Public Administration and a Master of Arts in Economics

Brian Tedd ’15 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Syracuse Law School, Senior Associate Attorney, CDH Law

Arthur Carlyle ’14 (Philosophy):
MA, Philosophy, University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Leeds, England; Lecturer in Philosophy, Hartwick College and Hamilton College

Rob Tracey ’14 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Cornell University, MA Public Policy; Legislative Aide to Senator Cheryl C. Kagan, Annapolis, MD

Alexandra Forst ’13 (Philosophy/Art):
MA, Arts Management, NYU, Coordinator, Individual Giving, Sundance Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Thomas Holmgren, ’13 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, University of Connecticut, Associate, Goldberg & Segalla, NY, NY

Jackie Patterson ’13 (Physics, minored in Philosophy and Mathematics):
Ph.D., Neuroscience, Baylor School of Medicine

Jordan Liz ’12 (Philosophy/Economics):
MA, Philosophy, Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Memphis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, San Jose State University

Anthony Jessel ’12 (Philosophy):
JD candidate, University of Pittsburgh Law School

Sam Morse ’11 (Philosophy):
AS Music, Middlesex Community College,
M.Ed, Merrimack College
Pathways ELA Teacher, Waltham High School, Waltham, MA

Nick Forst ’09 (Philosophy/Poltical Science):
JD, Albany Law School
Associate Counsel, New York State Department of Public Service, Huntington, NY

Pete Res ’08 (Philosophy):
MFA, Poetry, New England College
Associate Director of Editorial, Pharmaceutical Advertising at Area 23 Health Care

Anna Musser ’07 (Philosophy/Education):
Research Methodologist, MIT

Phil Barber ’06 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Community Engagement and Development, YWCA, Portland, Oregon

Adam Lichtenberg ’06 (Philosophy/History):
MA Public Administration (concentration in Healthcare)
Program Manager, Total Medical Expense

Melissa Swaby ’06 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Attorney

Chris Jones ’05 (Philosophy/English):
JD, Boston University Law School; Attorney

Adam Woolfolk ’05 (Philosophy/Economics):
Social Studies and ESL Faculty, Huey Deng High School, Taiwan

Amanda Craig Mathewson ’04 (Psychology/Elementary Education, Minor in Philosophy):
MSED SUNY Oneonta, SBL/SDL Canisius College (School Administration): Curriculum Coordinator,
Oneonta City School District

Jen Lunsford ’04 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Boston University Law School; Attorney; New York State Assembly Representative, District 135

Lindsey Schier ’04 (Philosophy/Psychology):
Ph.D., Psychology, Purdue; Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, University of Southern California

Chris Roberts ’03 (Philosophy/English):
JD, Attorney

Justin Dimmel ’02 (Philosophy/Math):
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Michigan, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology, University of Maine at Orono

Adam Godet ’02 (Philosophy/English): MA Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall; Defense Department Analyst, 2005-2021. Self-employed furniture designer and builder, Washington, DC., 2021-present

"Philosophy equipped me with critical thinking and rhetorical skills that I literally use every single day.”

Jen Lunsford ’04

Attorney, Segar & Sciortino, Rochester, New York & New York State Senate 55th District

"I liked the diversity of thought, motivations, and perspectives within the department and hoped that it would motivate me to see myself and the world from different perspectives, which it did."

Arthur Carlyle ’14

Lecturer in Philosophy, Hartwick College

Alumni Publications

Our alumni publish their work in a variety of areas: mathematics, law, history, politics, philosophy, economics, health, neuroscience, and poetry, to name a few. Some of the most recent are included here.

Justin Dimmel ’02

2021 Dimmel, J.K., Pandiscio, E.A., & Bock, C.G. (2021). Multiplication by Sunlight:  How can a geometric definition be realized in a physical tool? Journal of  Mathematics Education, Teachers College, 12(1), 9 – 16.

2021 Bock, C.G., & Dimmel, J.K. (2021). Digital representations without physical  analogues: A study of body-based interactions with an apparently unbounded  spatial diagram. Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education, 7(2), 193 – 219.

2021 Dimmel, J.K., Pandiscio, E.A., & Bock, C.G. (2021). The geometry of movement:  Encounters with spatial inscriptions for making and exploring mathematical  figures. Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education, 7(1), 122 – 148.

2021 Erickson, A.W., Herbst, P.G., Ko, I, & Dimmel, J.K. (2021). When what routinely  happens conflicts with what ought to be done: A scenario-based assessment of  secondary mathematics teaching. Research in Mathematics Education. DOI:

Jennifer Lunsford ’04

2015 Jennifer Lunsford, R. Zachary Sanzone, “Outing the New Jim Crow: Ending Segregation of LGBTQ Students by Creating Barriers to 501(C)(3) Tax-Exemption Status” Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law, Volume 23 | Issue 3 Article 3

Jordan Liz ’12

2021, “The Biopolitics of ‘America First’: Undocumented Immigrants, Latin America and the COVID 19 Pandemic.” Inter-American Journal of Philosophy 12(2): 1-32.

2021, “COVID-19, Immunoprivilege and Structural Inequalities.” History and Philosophy of the Life  Sciences 43(1): 1-6.

2020, “State Racism, Social Justice and the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Public Philosophy Journal 3(1): 1-11.

2020, “The Categorization of Hispanics in Biomedical Research: US and Latin American  Perspectives.” Philosophy Compass 15(3): 1-12.

Adam Godet ’02

Gokcekus, O., Godet, A. and Ramsey, H. (2010). Are women more predictable than men? Applied Economics 42 (5), 641-645.

Gokcekus, O. and Godet, A. (2006). Group dynamics of corruption in public organizations, Journal of Economic Policy Reform 9 (4), pp. 275-287.

Gokcekus, O. and Godet, A. (2006) The Market for Aid by Michael Klein and Tim Harford (Washington, D.C., USA: International Finance Corporation, 2005) Development and Change, 37 (3), pp. 652-653.

Gokcekus, O. and Godet, A. (2006). Globalization and Equity: Perspectives from the Developing World by Natalia Dinello and Lyn Squire (ed.) (Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005) Development and Change, 37 (1), pp. 456-457.

Jaclyn Sky Patterson ’13

A computational perspective on autism, A Rosenberg, JS Patterson, DE Angelaki, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (30), 9158-9165, 2015.

Reply to Lawson et al.: A synergistic approach to mental health research, A Rosenberg, JS Patterson, DE Angelaki Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (38), E5227-E5227.

Lindsey Schier ’04

Ascencio Guterriez, V.§ Simental-Ramos, A. ψ, Khayoyan, S., & Schier, L.A. ♦ (2022) Dietary Experience  with Glucose and Fructose Fosters Heightened Avidity for Glucose-containing Sugars Independent of  TRPM5 Taste Transduction in Mice. Nutritional Neuroscience, doi: 10.1080/1028415X.2022.2050092.  Online ahead of print. IF: 4.99

Myers, K.P., Summers, M.Y., Geyer-Roberts, E., & Schier, L.A. ♦ (2020) The Role of Postingestive Feedback in the  Development of an Enhanced Appetite for the Orosensory Properties of Glucose over Fructose in Rats.  Nutrients, 2(3):807. doi: 10.3390/nu12030807. IF: 5.72

Inui-Yamamoto, C., Blonde, G., Schmid, F., Mariotti, L., Campora, M., Inui, T., Schier, L.A., Spector, A.C.♦ Neural Isolation of the Olfactory Bulbs Severely Impairs Taste-Guided Behavior to Normally Preferred,  But Not Avoided, Stimuli. eNeuro, 7(2) doi: 10.1523/ENEURO.0026-20.2020 IF: 4.08, April 2022.

Noble, E.E., Wang, Z., Liu, C.M., Davis, E.A., Suarez, A.N.ψ, Stein, L.M., Tsan, L.ψ, Terrill, S.J.,  Hsu, T.M., Jung, A.H., Raycraft, L.M., Hahn, J.D., Darvas, M., Cortella, A.M., Schier, L.A.,  Johnson, A.W., Hayes, M.R., Holschneider, D.P., Kanoski, S.E.♦ (2019). Hypothalamus-hippocampus  Circuitry Regulates Impulsivity via Melanin-concentrating Hormone. Nature Communications,  10(1):4923. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12895-y. IF: 13.81, 2019.

Pete Res ’08

The Softest Girl on Earth, After the Pause Press, 2015. Available at