Philosophy Alumni

A Sample of Hartwick Philosophy Majors: What They are Doing Now

Alex Amat ’20 (Philosophy):
Instructor, City Year, Chicago

Giovanni Scarimbolo ’19 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Pace University Law School

Casey Holmberg ’18 (Philosophy/Information Science):
PC Support Technician, Inspirage, LLC, Bellvue, WA

Ghalia Mahran ’18 (Philosophy):
MA Mental Health Counseling, Wake Forest University

John Talbot ’18 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Wake Forest University School of Law

Noy Kruvi ’17 (Philosophy):
Regulator, Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
MA Environmental Law and Policy University of Vermont, University of Vermont Law School

Dom Notar ’17 (Philosophy):
Asbestos Project Monitor/Asbestos Inspector, PSI, New York

Alaina Shires ’15 (Philosophy/Political Science):
MA candidate, University of Denver, Master of Public Administration and a Master of Arts in Economics

Brian Tedd ’15 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Syracuse Law School, Attorney

Arthur Carlyle ’14 (Philosophy):
MA, Philosophy, University of Kansas; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Leeds, England

Rob Tracey ’14 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Cornell University, MA Public Policy; Legislative Aide to Senator Cheryl C. Kagan, Annapolis, MD

Alexandra Forst ’13 (Philosophy/Art):
MA, Arts Management, NYU, Coordinator, Individual Giving, Sundance Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Jackie Patterson ’13 (Physics, minored in Philosophy and Mathematics):
Ph.D student in neuroscience, Baylor School of Medicine

Jordan Liz ’12 (Philosophy/Economics):
MA, Philosophy, Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Memphis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, San Jose State University

Anthony Jessel ’12 (Philosophy):
JD candidate, University of Pittsburgh Law School

Sam Morse ’11 (Philosophy):
AS Music, Middlesex Community College,
M.Ed, Merrimack College
Pathways ELA Teacher, Waltham High School, Waltham, MA


Nick Forst ’09 (Philosophy/Poltical Science):
JD, Albany Law School
Associate Counsel, New York State Department of Public Service, Huntington, NY

Pete Res ’08 (Philosophy):
MFA, Poetry, New England College
Editorial Manager, Pharmaceutical Advertising at Area 23 Health Care

Anna Musser ’07 (Philosophy/Education):
Research Methodologist, MIT

Phil Barber ’06 (Philosophy/Political Science):
Community Engagement and Development, YWCA, Portland, Oregon

Adam Lichtenberg ’06 (Philosophy/History):
MA Public Administration (concentration in Healthcare)
Program Manager, Total Medical Expense

Melissa Swaby ’06 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Attorney

Chris Jones ’05 (Philosophy/English):
JD, Boston University Law School; Attorney

Adam Woolfolk ’05 (Philosophy/Economics):
Social Studies and ESL Faculty, Huey Deng High School, Taiwan

Amanda Craig Mathewson ’04 ((Psychology/Elementary Education, Minor in Philosophy):
MSED SUNY Oneonta, SBL/SDL Canisius College (School Administration): Staff Development Specialist, ONC BOCES, Oneonta, NY

Jen Lunsford ’04 (Philosophy/Political Science):
JD, Boston University Law School; Attorney

Lindsey Schier ’04 (Philosophy/Psychology):
Ph.D., Psychology, Purdue; Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, University of Southern California

Chris Roberts ’03 (Philosophy/English):
JD, Attorney

Justin Dimmel ’02 (Philosophy/Math):
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Michigan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology, University of Maine at Orono