Physical Education Courses

Skill Courses for Physical Education Requirement (PHED)

Physical education skill courses are graded on a passed-not passed basis. Courses carry one credit and meet for half the term unless otherwise noted. Not all courses are offered every semester. Some skill courses carry an additional fee, which is listed in the course schedule prepared by the Registrar. These fees are non-refundable once the term begins. Courses marked ($) below require an additional fee, and courses that may require equipment (E) or transportation (T) also are marked.


  • PHED 110 Beginning Swimming
  • PHED 220 Advanced Swimming
  • PHED 312*Water Safety Instructor (WSI—meets full term—2 credits)
  • PHED 315*Lifeguarding (Permission of Instructor & Prerequisite: First Aid/CPR—meets full term—2 credits)

* only one may count toward the physical education requirement.


  • TA110 Intro to Movement & Dance for Theatre
  • TA111 Modern Dance
  • TA112 Ballet I
  • TA115 Dance Rehearsal & Performance
  • TA212 Ballet II
  • PHED 123 Ballroom Dance ($)

* Any 1 Theatre Arts Dance Course may be taken toward the physical education skill course requirement


  • PHED 103 Body Boot Camp ($)
  • PHED 121 Winter Camping ($)
  • PHED 122 Gentle Yoga ($)
  • PHED 125 Fit Yoga ($)
  • PHED 126 Zumba ($)
  • PHED 127 Indoor Cycling ($)
  • PHED 128 Healthy Ways to Weight Loss ($)
  • PHED 130 Personal Fitness
  • PHED 131 Aerobics ($)
  • PHED 133 Weight Training
  • PHED 134 Wellness
  • PHED 135 Personal Fitness/Relaxation Techniques ($)
  • PHED 136 Functional Fitness ($)
  • PHED 139 Pilates Mat Work
  • PHED 140 Archery ($)
  • PHED 163 Introduction to Martial Arts ($)
  • PHED 165 Advanced Martial Arts ($)
  • PHED 239 Pilates (E)
  • PHED 330 Principles of Personal Fitness Training ($)

Individual/Team Activities

  • PHED 142 Bowling (T/$)
  • PHED 143 Golf (T/$)
  • PHED 146 Racquetball
  • PHED 147 Beginning Tennis
  • PHED 153 Recreational Sports
  • PHED 160 Beginning Horsemanship (T/$)

Outdoor Pursuits

  • PHED 151 Outdoor Adventure ($)
  • PHED 152 Hiking/Snowshoe (E)
  • PHED 154 Mountain Biking (E)
  • PHED 251 Project Adventure II


  • PHED 155 Line Dancing
  • PHED 164 Responding to Emergencies and Community/CPR (meets full term—2 credits)
  • PHED 265 Adapted Physical Education (limited to students with temporary or permanent physical disability

Men’s & Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics

  • PHED 411 Basketball
  • PHED 413 Cross Country
  • PHED 414 Field Hockey
  • PHED 417 Lacrosse
  • PHED 419 Soccer
  • PHED 421 Water Polo
  • PHED 422 Swimming and Diving
  • PHED 423 Tennis
  • PHED 425 Equestrian
  • PHED 428 Volleyball
  • PHED 430 Football

* Credit given based on coaches roster submission at the end of the season.  Only 1 Intercollegiate participation course may be taken toward the physical education skill course requirement

Academic Courses offered by the Physical Education Department

PHED 164 Responding to Emergencies and Community CPR (meets full term–1 credit)

This course will consist of Responding To Emergencies (RTE) first aid, Adult CPR with AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), along with child and infant CPR. Those completing this course will receive certifications from the American Red Cross for RTE first aid (good for 3 years), Adult CPR with AED, along with child and infant CPR (good for 1 year). Course fee required. Required for NYS coaching certification.

PE 203 The Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education (3 credits)

This course covers basic philosophy and principles as integral parts of physical education and general education;  state, local, and national regulations and policies related to athletics; legal considerations; function and organization of leagues and athletic associations in New York State; personal standards for the responsibilities of the coach as an educational leader; public relations; general safety procedures; general principles of school budgets, records, purchasing and use of facilities.  This is the first course in the coaching certification process. Required for NYS coaching certification.

PE 202 Theory and Techniques of Coaching (3 credits)

The course begins with an introductory phase in which the basic concepts common to all sports are discussed.  The objectives, rules, regulations and policies of athletics, as well as performance skills, technical information, and organization and management practices are also covered topics.  The special training and conditioning of the athletes in specific sports, the fitting of equipment, specific safety precautions and officiating methods are also examined.  Practical experience as a coach in a specific sport and/or periods of observing other approved coaches will also be required. Prerequisite: PE 203. Required for NYS coaching certification.

PE 302 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching (3 credits)

The course is a series of interactive exercises and activities designed to study Health Sciences as they apply to coaching sports.  Through these activities, exercises and health application to coaching topics, participants will gain information, organize it for professional and personal use, and apply it to their particular programs.  Health Sciences as applied to coaching will also help define: selected principles of biology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology related to coaching; risk minimization; mixed competition; NYSED selection and classification of athletes; age and maturity of athletes.  Prerequisite: PE 203. Required for NYS coaching certification.