Physical Education Requirements

Physical Education Requirement

Students must complete two PHED experiences during their time at Hartwick. While these experiences will be primarily tied to PHED courses, some other courses may also be assigned a PHED designator. Non-course/Co-curricular experiences will be reviewed by the mentorship teams. Our inclusive PHED courses are flexible and adaptable, encouraging individual growth in the physical and mental wellness of each of our students. Student-athletes may count their full, completed athletic season towards this requirement, potentially earning both PHED credits through a seasonal sport (if matriculation in FA20 or after). The PHED experiences do not count towards the total 120 credit pathway of each Hartwick student.

For students who matriculated prior to FA20, one (1) physical education credit is awarded for participation on a varsity sport team. The second credit must be taken from the list of PHED courses in the class schedule. A scholar-athlete may not receive one credit for participation in Equestrian and also Horsemanship, Swim team and Swim Lessons, Tennis team and Tennis class, etc.

These combinations cannot together satisfy the requirement:

  • PHED 147 Tennis & PHED 423 Tennis Team
  • PHED 149 Volleyball & 428 Volleyball Team
  • PHED 160 Horsemanship & PHED 425 Equestrian Team
  • PHED 110 Swimming or 210 Advanced Swimming & PHED 422 Swim Team
  • PHED 312 Water Safety Instructor & PHED 315 Lifeguarding

One Theatre Arts class from the following courses may count toward the skill-course requirement: THEA 110, 111, 112, 115, 212, 312.  The second skill-course requirement must come from intercollegiate participation or a PHED course.

Coaching Certification Requirements

Hartwick College seeks to educate and train students who are interested in pursuing a profession in coaching. The curriculum is based on the New York regulations of the Commissioner of Education Section 135.4(c)(7)(i)(c) and Section 135.5 of the State Education Department.

The courses are designed to meet the New York State requirements for interscholastic athletic teams and will also prepare students to coach in a variety of scenarios (other state high schools, youth leagues, college, etc.).

Coaching Certification Requirements

  • PE 202 Theory and Techniques of Coaching 3 credits
  • PE 203 The Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education 3 credits
  • PE 302 Sports Health 3 credits
  • PHED 164 Responding to Emergencies and
    Community CPR 1 credit

Additional Requirements

New York State requires all applicants for teaching, coaching, counseling and administrative certification (provisional and permanent) to have taken a certified course in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting and be fingerprinted. The full New York State requirements can be found online at the NYSED website.

Students seeking to teach outside the state of New York should research the coaching qualifications required for that specific state.

Physical Education Courses