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Political Science Department Overview

The study of political science acquaints students with the principal concerns of the discipline and helps students to acquire an inquisitive and critical outlook on the political universe around them. The political science faculty is committed to graduating well-rounded individuals mindful of their connectedness in this interdependent world. Our curriculum is designed to help students meet the intellectual and moral challenges of citizenship.

Exciting Student Outcomes

Hartwick political science students complete research and internships and are well-prepared for employment or graduate school.

Graduate School
Master’s in Public Administration
Cornell University
Amanda Robinson ‘16

Master’s in Health Administration
George Washington University
Erica Lillo ‘16

Law School
Syracuse University
Christina Graziadei ‘16

Americorps Vista Volunteer Organizer, Reading Partners
Denver, CO
Alaina Shires ‘15

Project Manager
Children and Youth First United Nations High Commission on Refuges
New York, NY
Anjali Limbu ‘15

Resourcing Consultant at Michael Page
New York, NY
Caroline Stanford ‘15 

Political Science Requirements

Ready to be political science major or minor? Interested in a minor in legal studies? Here’s what it takes.

Political Science Major & Minors


Political Science Courses

Political science courses are offered in four areas of study: U.S. Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics and Political Theory.

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Special Opportunities

The Department of Political Science faculy are committed to integrating hands-on learning experiences into their courses. Students have opportunities to engage in United Nations and Congressional simulations, forums and debates, and faculty research.  Internships and off-campus study experiences are encouraged.

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