Leslie G. Rude Lecture

The Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture

Leslie G. Rude was an outstanding Hartwick College faculty member and administrator. Following his death in 1998, Professor Emerita Norma Hutman and Marion Rude established the Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture Series to reflect his passionate interest in political science and public speaking, and his commitment to public life.

The Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture features a prominent speaker with expertise to share ideas with students, faculty, and community members about issues pertinent to the current political climate.

2020 Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture

Guest Lecturer: Caitlin (Dwyer) Jewitt ’06, PhD presented Primary Rules and the 2020 Presidential Nomination

Caitlin (Dwyer) Jewitt ’06, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech. Her research focuses on presidential nominations, and her recent book The Primary Rules: Parties, Voters, and Presidential Nominations explores the extent to which voters have a meaningful say in the outcome of the presidential nominations and the role that the political parties play in the process. She became interested in the presidential nomination system during a Hartwick College J Term when she spent a month in New Hampshire leading up to the first-in-the nation primary and then observed the different processes in other states.

Past lectures include:

  • Charles S. Crow ’72, J.D., Justice, Philanthropy, and Luck: Fighting to Free “The Convicted Innocent”
  • Michael Young ’83, “Mid-Century Resilience in the Face of Climate Extremes and Population Growth: How Lessons From the Lone Star State Can Benefit the Nation”
  • James L. Seward ’73, H’99, “Politics, Protests and PR: Public service in the age of fake news, alt-left vs. alt-right, and Twitter wars”
  • Mark Green, “The New Progressive Majority vs. The Fringe Fourth: Dems and Trends”
  • Kira Sanbonmatsu, “More Women Can Run”
  • John Zogby, “The First Globals and the Changing Demographics of America”
  • Maria Sirois ’82, “The Authentic Voice, The Authentic Life”
  • Francis ‘Buck’ Rodgers H’82, “The Essence of Leadership”


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