Hartwick students performing during Student Showcase

Student Showcase

The Student Showcase: An Exhibition of Liberal Arts in Practice is Hartwick's day-long celebration of student achievement.


The 2021 Virtual Student Showcase took place on May 14. The Steering Committee worked to provide a program for students to share their hard work with family, friends, and the larger Hartwick community.


The deadline for submission of applications for presentations is March 19, 2021. The application process is done through HartLink.

Overall Steps to Apply:

1. Complete the Student Showcase Interest Form.
2. Be sure to discuss your interest and application with your mentor prior to submitting your Interest Form. Your mentor approves your final application.
3. Your Interest Form submission must be approved before you have access to the full Showcase Application.
4. You will be notified by email when your Interest Form has been approved. Access and instructions to complete the application process will be provided.
5. Complete and submit the full Showcase Application per the instructions in the notification email.
6. Email questions to: showcase@hartwick.edu.

Detailed Instructions to Complete Your Student Showcase Application

Student Showcase Interest Form (takes about 5 minutes)

First you need to submit a “Student Showcase Interest Form”. For this process, you are simply indicating that you are interested in submitting to Showcase and do not need to have your proposal written up yet at all. Once you do this you will have to wait until you get an approval email before you can put in the details of a full application.

Full Proposal for Showcase (after doing the Interest Form)

For this step you will need to have a short description of your proposal that you have discussed with your faculty mentor (some might call this an “abstract”). You will need to have gotten the “High Five” approval email after submitting the Interest Form. With both of those things done, you are ready to submit the full application! Your time and location as well as the ZOOM link will be assigned by the committee after all the submissions are in.

Things to Note for the Full Submission:

  1. You are going to Administrative Dashboard to add an event. Click Event and then click the plus sign “+” sign and You are the “administrator” for your event (presentation) in Hartlink.
  2. Fill in all the information about your presentation (event).
    Type of Event – “Student Showcase”
    Event Name – enter the title of your talk/presentation
    Host – “Student Showcase”
    Presenter – your name
    Class Year
    Email – your email, PLEASE be sure this is correct as it is how you are notified/given access
    Type of Presentation – choose type, for most this is an Oral Presentation this year
    Discipline – the discipline related to your presentation (often a major, minor etc)
    Showcase Category – selection from the options such as Freedman Prize, none of the above
    Campus Address
    Student ID
    Phone Number
    (There are a few other options depending on what you choose as Presentation Type and
    Showcase Category)
    Name and Class Years of Co-Presenters (if any)

About the Event or Abstract

This is where you type in a brief description of your presentation like the abstract you would submit to a conference. It is typically one paragraph long and it what would typically get printed in a conference booklet so anyone who may be interested in coming to see your presentation will read this.

Will this event be hosted virtually? YES (this year Showcase is virtual)

Where will this virtual event be hosted? ZOOM

Zoom link –put in the word “Zoom” as this will be determined by the committee after all submissions are in.

Time and Location – May 14th and Campus. All the times and locations will be determined by the committee after all submissions are in.

Faculty Mentor – enter name(s)
Email – PLEASE CHECK to be sure this is correct as it is how mentors are notified/given access.

Cover Image – ADD IMAGE HERE. This is a chance to add an exciting photo or image from your artwork, lab equipment, field work, etc. If you really don’t have one, you can choose a stock Hartwick campus image. You do need to add something here, so add something that catches the eye and helps convey what you worked on.

Tags – you can add tags (type of presentation showcase, discipline, topic, etc) so it is easy for folks to find out about your presentation type.

Signature SIGN YOUR NAME (as best you can)
After you’ve signed, GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE and click “Submit for Approval”

You are done! High Five! Wait for your mentor approval and discuss any edits with her/him.


Rich Barlow, Associate Professor of Art, Co-Chair
Min Chung, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Co-Chair
Parker Troischt, Associate Professor of Physics, Co-Chair
Melody Best ’84, Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing
Stephanie Brunetta, Web Administrator
Kathy Carlson, Coordinator of CSS Operations
Pat Dopazo, Director of Planned Giving
Karin Gann, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Paul Habernig, Executive Director of Campus Vibrancy
David Lubell, Integrated Marketing Writer
Karl Seeley, Associate Professor of Economics
Marc Shaw, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
Tammy Sousa, Head Equestrian Coach


Please email showcase@hartwick.edu or call the Office of Academic Affairs at 607-431-4136.