A Learning Experience Only You Can Create

At Hartwick, meaningful education happens both inside and outside the classroom.

That’s why we created GenEdEx as part of FlightPath, for you to have both kinds of experiences, based on what you’re interested in or what you may already be doing. It’s our way of recognizing that your co-curricular and extracurricular activities are vital parts of your success.

It’s easy. Just pick your tag, propose your project on the Hartlink Form, select your Professional Mentor and get to work.

When you’re finished with your experience, tell us what you’ve learned. Best of all, your mentor can be any employee at Hartwick. It’s a great chance to learn valuable career skills from someone outside the classroom.

GENEDEX Examples

Digital Media: propose a project in the GEO2 Tag and create a video documenting public artworks or campus streetwear.

Cross-cultural: host a day of service in an underserved community to complete the GEO4 requirements.

Student Club or Organization: design a better data system for your club or organization to complete the GEO5 requirements.

Public Health or the Environment: present a project addressing how science and technology could overcome vaccine hesitancy, climate change and other global concerns to get that GEO6 tag.

Don’t delay. Pitch your project now - you may be closer than you think.