Why Hartwick?

A minor in cybersecurity from Hartwick prepares you to take action against constant threats to businesses, governments, municipalities and individuals. And with our hybrid program, you’ll take courses on-campus and online.

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Many Career Paths

Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, banking institutions and your friends, family and neighbors are all vulnerable to cyber attacks. With the need for cybersecurity growing daily, this minor will prime you to enter a rapidly-growing workforce.

An Education Built for You

From the start of your time at Hartwick, you’ll engage in co-curricular coursework across Physical and Life sciences, as well as Arts and Humanities, preparing you not just for how to respond to a cybersecurity threat, but to analyze, investigate and prevent such attacks. You could even take a course in ethical hacking!

Your Academic Advisor will help you find classes that combine your skills and interests, and your Career Coach will guide you in finding internships where you can put those skills to real-world experience. Alumni Mentors will share their own tips and tricks of the trade too – and especially how to get your foot in the door with a great company.


Howard Lichtman

Professor and Department Chair of Computer Science