Why Hartwick?

You love gaming. At Hartwick, our major in game development will put you behind the scenes of the next generation of games. Our hybrid program gives you the skills to design a game in a project-based, portfolio-building major.

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Many Career Paths

Whether you want to build the next hit mobile game, challenging puzzles, fighters or dazzling MMORPG, our game development minor will train you in all aspects of programming, from system design to product development and promotion.

And it’s not just programming and software. Artists, animators, writers and voice actors are all needed in the industry too. Our program helps you learn not just how to create games, but understand the culture behind them, giving you a fuller picture of how and why people play the games you’ll create.

An Education Built for You

You’ll learn to build on the Unity engine, the #1 most used game development engine in the world, as well as program in Python, C#, Javascript and other varied languages. You’ll also learn web design, app development and user experience design, which broaden your career opportunities even beyond gaming.

Internships and game jams will strengthen your skills in the workplace, and in your senior year, you’ll design a complete, playable video game as part of your senior thesis, then let your peers try for a high score at Student Showcase!


Howard Lichtman

Professor and Department Chair of Computer Science

Romas Hada, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer & Information Sciences

Weian Wang

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

Kyle Britton

Lecturer in Computer & Information Sciences