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Welcome to Hartwick Sport Management

We know you’re passionate about sports, and we’re here to help you turn it into a fulfilling career. Here’s what sets Hartwick’s Sport Management program apart:

  • Develop a solid foundation in leadership, analytics and marketing.
  • Align with your interests, internships that give you real-world work experience with teams, leagues and sports media, and J Term course that expand your career possibilities.
  • Pursue specialization tracks, including leadership, finance, sports technology or sports media.
  • Connect with industry leaders through our alumni and professional network and the Sport Management Advisory Board.


With a projected growth of 8 percent over the next 10 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics) there are so many ways to put your Sport Management studies to work:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Sports Information Director
  • Athletic Director
  • Health and Fitness Coordinators
  • Agent
  • Business Manager

What You'll Learn

Start with foundational courses in business, from negotiations to data analytics to fan identification and engagement.

Delve deeper with classes in athletic psychology, fostering positive environments for athletes and the history of athletes who broke barriers.

Learn the importance of budgeting, how to plan an event and how to read, write and understand a contract.

Explore how to synthesize your knowledge, research skills and critical thinking in a senior thesis.


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You’ll study in a co-curricular environment, with courses taught by Hartwick’s business faculty, athletic staff members and working industry professionals.

Put your skills to the test on campus and off with real-world work experiences in sports you’re passionate about. You could even spend a summer interning for a national team! It all goes on your digital resume to prove to employers that you’re a winning employee.

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Your Career Coach will guide you towards internships that challenge and inspire you, and your Alumni Mentor will share their tried-and-true workplace tips to help you excel in your field.


Contact: Associate Professor & Department Chair Aaron Stephens: stephensa@hartwick.edu