Intern for Credit

There are a few steps involved to register to earn credit for your internship. Don’t worry, they’re easy!

Come to the Career Development office on the first floor of, Golisano Hall for a quick conversation about registering for credit, or just email specific questions to our staff. Email:

Steps to Register for Credit

If you have accepted an internship placement with an organization and would like to receive academic credit and see it on your transcript follow these steps!

Step 1: Download and read the steps on how to register for academic credit.

Step 2: Use our Internship Registration Dashboard to fill out a registration form for academic credit.


Click here to see the registration deadline dates for this academic year: 2020-21 Deadlines.

Withdrawal Deadlines

Fall, Spring, and J Term: Deadlines to drop or withdraw from an internship with a “W” can be found on the Academic Deadlines & Important Dates page.

Summer Sessions: Students have one week from the start of their Summer Session to drop an internship course without a “W.”

Students can withdraw from a course during the 2nd week of their summer session with a grade of “W”. Summer session enrollment is determined by the end date of your internship. The range the end date falls within as listed here is the summer session you will be enrolled in.

If you miss a deadline for registering your internship for credit, you may petition to the Committee on Academic Standards through Academic Affairs. To do so, you will need to download this form: Petition to CAS.

Notes on Fees

If you complete a summer internship for credit there will be a fee; for 1 to 4 credits it will be $390 and for 5 to 8 credits it will be $760.

For Faculty

To view the Learning Agreements that you are a faculty supervisor for, use the Faculty Dashboard.


Looking for a scholarship for your registered internship? Click here to see our current internship scholarship opportunities.