Add a New Sport or Level of Play

Request to Add a New Sport or Level of Play

Hartwick College is committed to providing recreational and athletic opportunities for all students and has a history of adding opportunities at the intramural, club, and varsity levels based on student interest and abilities. The College is providing the following information to give direction on how to request a new sport or level of play.


Requests for recreational sport should be directed to the Office of Student Experience, at, or at 607-431-4515.


Requests for club sport should be directed to the Director of Student & Community Engagement, Paul Habernig, at, or at 607-431-4507. More information on “How to create a new club” can be found under Campus Links on Hartlink at


Intramural sport requests should be directed to the Intramural Coordinator, Coach John Scott, at, or at 607-431-4712. Intramural teams are formed based on interest and scheduled based on facility availability.


Intercollegiate NCAA (varsity and junior varsity) sport requests should be directed to the Athletic Director, John Czarnecki, at, or 607-431-4702. All requests for new sports or levels of play will be reviewed and considered based on the sport, number of participants interested, availability of competition and recruitment within the college’s normal competitive region, and the ability to sustain a viable team.


Requests are accepted from students, parents or guardians, staff, coaches, or other interested parties. All inquiries and requests will be answered and reviewed. The College has a strict non-discrimination policy and any concern based on sex or gender in athletics should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator, Michael Arno, at, or 607-431-4293.