Land Use Policy

Hartwick College is continually renewing its effort to protect its property, area wildlife, and the interests of its students and neighbors.

The Land Use Policy impacts the use of Hartwick’s entire 425-acre campus, including the College’s upper campus surrounding Table Rock and Strawberry Field.

Any individual who is not a student, employee, or guest of Hartwick College must apply for and be granted a Land Use permit from the College’s Office of Campus Safety if they wish to use the campus. Where granted, permits will be issued without cost. Any individual without a land use permit will be considered trespassing.

Use of Hartwick College land for ATVs, snow-mobiles, motorized vehicles including off-road vehicles and motorcycles, hunting, logging, and bonfires is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the College’s land will be treated as unlawful, and the College may pursue appropriate remedies against the violators.

Land Use Agreement Permit Application

Return your Land Use Agreement Permit Application to:

Campus Safety Dispatch Desk
Dewar Hall, 3rd floor


Questions about permits and use of the College’s campus should be directed to:

Director of Campus Safety


Report violations to Campus Safety or contact:

Scott Harrington, Facilities Liaison/ Administrative Specialist


3rd Floor, Dewar Union
Phone: 607-431-4111
Fax: 607-431-4201