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A Healthy Hartwick

Tobacco-, Vape-, and Smoke-Free Campus

Hartwick College is committed to making campus a healthy living and working environment for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to become a tobacco-, vape-, and smoke-free campus.

Effective January 2022, there will be no smoking, vaping, or use of any other type of tobacco on College grounds, including in or around buildings, or in vehicles on campus. This applies to both our main campus and Pine Lake Environmental Campus.

The success of our Tobacco-, Vape-, and Smoke-Free Policy depends on all of us and the courtesy, respect, and consideration we show one another. Let’s work together for A Healthy Hartwick!

Tobacco & Smoke Free Policy

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Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus Policy FAQ

Hartwick’s Tobacco and Smoke Free Policy bans all smoking, vaping, oral, and other types of tobacco, as well as the use of all smoking materials on College grounds, properties, and in buildings or vehicles.

We used the terms tobacco free and smoke free in order to include vapes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and more.

Hartwick is committed to providing a healthy environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Hartwick is committed to a healthy tobacco, vape, and smoke free environment for all students, staff, and faculty. With this policy, we are joining over 2000 colleges and universities nationwide that are currently protecting their communities in this way.

All smoking, vaping, and tobacco-use devices are prohibited from our campuses.

Yes. Smoking, vaping, or using tobacco products is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor spaces on campus.

The Tobacco, Vape, and Smoke Free Policy affects all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. There are no exceptions.

No. Under the College’s Tobacco, Vape, and Smoke Free Policy, smoking or using tobacco in your personal vehicle while on campus is prohibited.

Yes, this policy applies to everyone on campus at all times. Human Resources is communicating the policy to employees.

Off campus. The closest places are just outside of the Clinton Street or West Street entrances. Please throw your garbage in the appropriate receptacle when you leave.

Yes. We will offer ongoing communications and signs will be placed throughout campus.

Please remind the individual that we are a tobacco free, vape free, smoke free campus. If the person stops smoking or walks off campus to finish smoking, then no further action is needed. If the person refuses to comply, please get their name and forward it to the Office of Student Experience or the Office of Human Resources (for an employee or visitor) and we will follow up with them.

Yes, nicotine gum and patches as part of a cessation program will be allowed on campus. We support all attempts by members of our community to stop smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco.

Please contact Dr. Cary Dresher, Assistant Vice President for Student Experience, with any questions or concerns. He can be reached at or 607-431-4532.