Sustainability is a core value at the Pine Lake Campus.

A photovoltaic system produces about half the electricity used annually in the Robertson Lodge. The Vaudevillian, Pine Lake’s multi-use building, features composting toilets.  Gardens and edible trees and plants surround the Lodge.  Two all-electric shuttles help transport students between the Environmental Campus and Main Campus (vehicles are charged by being plugged into the Lodge which is supplied with solar energy).

And that’s not all: Pine Lake features two natural buildings, the Cob House and the Strawbale House, both of which were designed and built by students in a course called Architecture of the Sacred.

Most cabins at Pine Lake use wood pellet stoves as a primary or secondary heat source. Wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust, a renewable resource generated as a waste product of wood manufacturing processes.

Pine Lake residents make their own maple syrup, practice recycling, garden, carpool and compost.

Environmental Campus Buildings, Gounds & Facilities

Talloires Declaration

Hartwick College is a signatory of the Talloires Declaration, the first official statement made by university presidents, chancellors, and rectors of a commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education.

The declaration is a ten-point action plan for incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy into teaching, research, operations, and outreach at colleges and universities. It has been signed by over 400 university leaders in over 50 countries.

Full Text of Talloires Declaration