Aaron R. Stephens, Assistant Professor of Business Administration

232 Golisano Hall

Areas of expertise:
international trade, statistics, and marketing.
Ph.D., Pusan National University; MBA, BS in Marketing, Ball State University

Recent courses taught:

  • BUSA 101 Introduction to Business
  • BUSA 260 Quantitative Business
  • BUSA 250 Global Strategic Management
  • BUSA 348 Statistical Analysis in Operations with Six Sigma Certification
  • BUSA 350D Global Supply Chain Management with JIT Management Certification

Distinctions (awards, fellowships, grants):

  • Best Dissertation Award, Korean Association of International Business Management
  • Just-in-Time Management Certification

Selected publications:


  • Seong-am Moon, Dong-jin Kim and Aaron Rae Stephens (2014) “The Three Little Pigs and Pooling”, Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Seong-am Moon, Dong-jin Kim and Aaron Rae Stephens (2014) “Pinocchio Becoming Human with the Theory of Constraints” Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Seong-am Moon, Dong-jin Kim and Aaron Rae Stephens (2014) “The Emporer’s S-Curve”, Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Seong-am Moon, Dong-jin Kim and Aaron Rae Stephens (2014) “Making the Match Girl Rich”, Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Stephens, Aaron Rae, (2014) “Guide to a Healthy Living Wall”, Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Stephens, Aaron Rae, (2016) “Strategic orientations and dynamic capabilities: Evidence from Korea”, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Academic Papers:

  • Stephens, Aaron Rae and Kim, Seong-soo, (2015), “A study on the effects of strategic orientations on dynamic capabilities and international performance: Evidence from Korean firms”, Korean Academy of International Business Management, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 243-275.
  • Stephens, Aaron Rae, (2017) “The need for emergency economic policy options to mitigate the economic impacts of epidemics: Ebola in West Africa and MERS in South Korea” Regional Economies and Policies, Vol. 2 No. 2, pp. 1-11.
  • Stephens, Aaron Rae, (2018) “Emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, stress and turnover: Evidence from service employees in China”, Journal of China Studies, Vol. 21 No. 2 pp. 79-99.
  • Stephens, Aaron Rae and Yoo, Seong gyun, (2018) “An exploratory study on the expansion of the African market by global firms focusing on Liberia utilizing the Balassa Index”, The e-Business Studies, Vol. 19 No. 6, pp. 177-198.
  • Hahn T.N., Stephens, A.R. and Lee, Y.C. (2019) Korean Brand Globalization: How it works for the Vietnamese market, The Journal of Asian Studies 22(4): 1-50.
  • Rhee, M.S. and Stephens, A.R. (2020) In-Press: Innovation-orientated technology assimilation strategy and Korean SMEs’ enhanced innovation capability, competitive advantage and firm performance, International Journal of Innovation Management.
  • Stephens, A.R. and Kasamanli, R. (2020) In-Press: An analysis of North Korean trade amid warming global relations utilizing RCA, RSCA, and TBI, European Journal of Applied Economics.
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